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Management of an Aging Dog

Updated on June 4, 2011

Integrated into the life of the group, the dog must stay involved in joint activities. Certainly, adjustments were necessary: ​​the outputs and games can be shorter and less complicated … Nevertheless, it is essential to maintain a regular stimulation, both physical and mental.

The natural tendency of most teachers is to save the dog that has physical difficulties or shows some slow reactions. While shaping the living environment and being patient, you can continue to associate the dog to her daily.

The crossing of stairs can become an ordeal, but we must not abandon the dog down. Program exits when you’re in no hurry, use of support straps crossing the barriers … Many methods can overcome the difficulties. The dog’s body remains inactive loses its capacity quickly and irreversibly.

Accept Aging does not resign! All bodies are aging, but their operation is not affected equally, or at the same rate: in some, the heart will be the first affected, in others, it will be the kidney, or liver …

 Feel free to examine your old companion through a health check, a large number of diseases can be detected and treated before the dog’s general condition deteriorates too. Early action are just more effective.

There is no question of over medication your dog, but to simply make life more enjoyable and comfortable. The actions are not always medical: an adaptation support is needed to save such bodies weakened by age, including the kidneys or liver.

In contrast, for heart disease that evolves over several years, screening, medical treatment and regular cleanings can delay symptoms and prolong life.

The skin hygiene is paramount in the old dog. Furthermore that its defenses against attacks from external parasites are reduced, he toilet less often and more frequently contaminates. Or an unhealthy skin contributes to secondary infections common.

In addition, the dog brushed and washed regularly surely feels much better in his hair and his head a dirty dog ​​and tangled coat. Many owners abandon their dogs to groom because he is old.

Otherwise, the express grooming at home (or any vet) should be considered. They can, if they do not turn to boxing, be experienced as moments of intimacy and reconciliation highly appreciated by the older dog.


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