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Man's Best Friend Has a Name

Updated on November 26, 2018
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Animals are the gift that God gives to men to train and tame. It is important to treat them with respect and love, our fellow neighbors.


Man's best friend is named, Brandon.

That is at least the name of the author's last pet, a puppy named Brandon. Pets, specifically dogs are special to the human family. Owners form bonds with all animals, but dogs are special in that they seem of all the animals to have a more reciprocal affection towards their owners. Because of this bond, which, again, is not limited to dogs, naming a dog, a puppy is an important part of owner-pet affection. So What is man's best friend name? Discussed here is the importance of naming a dog, and how it forms the emotional bond to the dogs we love because dogs have personality.


Many owners go with traditional dog names like Spike, or Jake. For my puppy, he had to stand out because, well, he was my puppy.

What's the deal with Brandon

I love dogs above all the animals to have for a pet. Having had tropical fish, and a cat, dogs are the easiest to cuddle with. These canine need to have affection, constantly. Because dogs are so innocent, it is easy to show them that affection and be completely open emotionally with them due to the fact that they will never judge their owners! Love dogs.

Brandon was not the only dog attachment I made, but the lasting one that still brings tears to my eyes that he is no longer with me. That's another story.

Choosing a name is not as easy for some as it might be for others. Many owners go with traditional dog names like Spike, or Jake. For my puppy, he had to stand out because, well, he was my puppy.

The deal with Brandon is that he is the one love that all other pets must compare to in a pet/owner companionship. He was a young pup when first I met him. As with many owners in my life, I picked Brandon because he was the runt of the litter. So came the emotional bond because I could identify with him.

That is the deal with Brandon, the quintessential pup. He pulled my heart strings.

Dogs become part of the family just like a kid. Now, of course, kids are humans and have more value than a dog. (I know several people that will argue with that statement.)

What is in a Name?

Naming the dog, the best friend is an honor. Oh, and the name is not for the dog, who couldn't care less, it is for the owner. Dogs respond to body language and smell as well as sound according to the research of Jan Hoffman in her article about researching the best names for dogs. 1 It is a good read. Check it out below in the resources section.

Not to get too religious here, but God gave the animals to humans to subdue and love. To subdue doesn't mean owners should beat and harm their pets, not. I mean through loving patience, owners get the privilege of earning the trust of one of God's creatures to be a faithful companion.

Of course, pet owners should come second to human companionship, another topic too, but never should owners neglect such needy things as dogs. It is my professional (Wink, professional? Guffaw!) opinion that we will be held accountable to how we treat other humans and animals at the judgment day. What's in a name, though?

Comparing it to naming a child might push the emotional attachment, but I going with it. I have seven kids, so I think I can get away with that. Dogs become part of the family just like a kid. Now, of course, kids are humans and have more value than a dog. (I know several people that will argue with that statement.) However, the bound owners share with a dog is just as vivid. Humans like cute things. By the time kids become teens, it is too late to stop loving them because the cuteness is gone. The love is permanently set in.

With a dog who has grown from a cute little pup in the owners care, a bond of love forms that never breaks if the relationship, just like with any being, is nurtured. Naming the thing that you love is an act of intimacy that goes beyond words, but we find a word that comes close in a name.

The Human Heart is in a Dog's Name.


Name the dog whatever makes you feel happy. That is what the name is about. That is the science of naming the dog.

Because humans gain an emotional connection with the pets, it is up to us to make sure that the name we give to our dog is one that it will respond to when used. Though dogs do not feel the way humans feel, the respond better to things that appeal to them. Yes! Dogs respond to names that appeal to them better.

Irene Keliher states in her article on The Doggie People Blog that

Creativity and personal expression are important, sure, but when it comes to giving your dog a name, training is a top concern. Your dog will hear his name over and over, and will learn to respond to it when learning commands. In fact, veterinary behaviorists agree that dogs recognize their names because something happens after they hear them. In other words, it’s a more of a “cue” word than a personal identifier. 2

According to some of the views on dog naming, Brandon was not a good name for my pup. It worked for us, though. Naming a dog must be good for the dog and owner. If the dod has a long name Ebenezer, it may take a while for it to get used to responding to that queue. It is my belief that the dog will eventually catch on.

Name the dog whatever makes you feel happy. That is what the name is about. That is the science of naming the dog. All the other information are suggestions that may work better for the dog in the beginning, but it must work best for both in the long haul.

It is my professional opinion (snicker, wink again) that if owners decide their pets Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it will be a long go at it, but the dog will learn to respond.


Article Resources

Jan Hoffman - You Named Me Brutus? Really? Finding the right name for a dog can require research, debate and phonetic analysis. 1

Irene Keliher - How to Choose the Perfect Dog Name (with Science) | The Dog People by 2

© 2018 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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