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Meet Goober

Updated on November 10, 2013
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I am a diabetic type 2. Love my animals- have 2 written on dog Goober and 1 on losing my beloved cat, my husband has Charcot. I had pcos

Meet Goober

Let me introduce myself, my name is Goober and I am a dog. I came to live with my family two years ago. I was walking down the street where they live early one Sunday morning in August 2011. I was all by myself with not a care in the world just out for a nice little stroll. This lady and man across the street from me called me over to. They seemed nice enough and I had no place to go, so I went over to meet them. They were very friendly so I found myself liking them right from the first moment that we met. I had a red collar on, but no tags to identify where I came from.

They took me into their home and I heard them calling around to the local police and SPCA if they heard of anyone who had lost a dog. They did not find anyone to admit that they owned me and I could not tell them where I came from. Next thing I knew that happened that day the lady put me in the bathtub and gave me a good bath. Needless to say we bonded and I liked her. The man was slow to come around but he did seem to like me. I heard them say they would keep me for a week to see if they could find my home where I belonged. Well by the end of the week I was still there with them and I wrapped that man around my paw -they decided to keep me!. I was so happy if my other owners did not want me at least God let me find a new mommy and daddy who wanted me. Next thing I kept hearing 'Goober' when they would look at me, I soon learned that was my new name. It has grown on me and I like it.

I have a doggie brother and sister that I like to play with. My brother is a Chihuahua named 'Chico' and my sister is a Shih Tzu named 'Lanie'. They are fun to play with and we get along real well. We are a good team. I also have 3 cat sisters. One does not bother with me at all. The other two are fun to be around and chase. That is how I get my exercise around here. I was able to eat their food when they were not around. One day mommy and daddy got wise that I was eating their food and moved their feeding place on me. Heck if they did not want to finish it at meal time I figured it was better for me to help them out and eat it myself! Here I was thinking that if it sat out it would not be any good. How could a guy know that was not being helpful to those cats! We all learn something new every day.

If mommy and daddy have food my brother and sister dogs do not know how to go about getting some for themselves to eat. I remember one day daddy put some kind of stick on the table it was yellow and wrapped in paper. I heard him say it was butter and that was something new that I thought would be good to try. While my humans were out of the house for a while, I decided to taste it for myself. Now my problem was how to get it off the table when I am not that big, but I found a way. Till this day my mommy and daddy do not how I get things off the table. I learned you have to make sure your humans are not watching you when you decide to try to get some of their food to eat, always be sneaky.

I got that butter and took a taste-I liked it so much that I ate the whole stick. I give it two paws up. When daddy put another stick out on the table on another day I was excited because I like butter. Yes I got that butter and ate that one also. One time daddy put a whole box out on the table and he left to get mommy from work- I don't really understand what that is, but she goes there a few days a week. Anyway back to that box of butter, I got the whole box I had to rip that card board apart to get those sticks out. I decided to sit on the couch while enjoying my feast, why not eat and be comfortable at the same time.. It was so worth it again, like dying and going to butter heaven! Mommy and daddy did not seem to happy I noticed when they came home but soon I got them laughing. I knew then that I was forgiven. Heck with my looks how can they stay mad at me. I just tilt my head and look at them with my big brown eyes and they forgive me. Works all the time!

Another thing that is fun to do is to sit by mommy on the couch when she is eating. She eats from the side closest to her and I try to get food from the opposite side of her plate. Now get a load of this-she yells at me and moves her plate away. I cannot figure out why she gets mad, I am only trying to help her clean her plate off! Gee whiz humans can be so temperamental.

My humans make sure I have a dog license every year in case I decide to go for a walk by myself some time again. I just love people. I have more adventures to tell you all about, but they will have to wait until another time. Daddy has a sandwich and I am going to go get me a taste of it. Have a nice day everyone until the next time. Love, Goober


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© 2013 Cynthia


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