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Meet Rhombus - Our Rescue Cat

Updated on December 20, 2017

The history of Rhombus

It all started when we rented a house with a flatlet that was sublet at the back.

The tenants there had numerous pets, including jack russells (which had puppies). four cats and a few guinea pigs - even though it was a one bedroom!!!

When it became time for them to move and relocate to another state, the dogs were collected by an organisation and the balance of the animals given away, all except for this one cat. On their last day, they left the keys with my son and stated "your mom said she would take him" when he enquired of the cat.

As instructed by the landlord we checked all the power was off that evening, and there was the cat - fast asleep on the carpet. We had in no way agreed to take him, we had just purchased a rather active labrador puppy.

Fast forward, yes we took him in, at that time he was about a year old. He became best friends with the labrador and they still snuggle together four years later.

His life however has not been an easy one. Due to his early diet consisting only of dog food he developed bladder issues and was put on the Hills Diet. He developed an eye infection which after numerous vet visits resulted in his eye being removed. Two days after the operation he caught his first bird ever. He is about a third smaller than a regular cat.

While he has certainly cost us the price of a small car in vet bills, he is the sweetest cat and spoilt member of the family.

Blessed to have this bundle of love in our home.


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