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Memory Foam Dog Bed

Updated on April 26, 2014

Choosing the Correct Memory Foam Dog Bed

Selecting a proper memory foam bed for your dog can be a challenge. There are many factors you must consider in choosing the bed that is best for you and your dog, such as comfort, size, material, cost, and durability. Memory foam dog beds provide your pet with a healthy, restful sleep, which he or she deserves as a member of your household. Perhaps your dog sleeps restlessly or has hip or joint pain. A memory foam dog bed will allow your pet to rest comfortably without worrying about a disrupted sleep and prevent you from struggling with bedding and flattened dog beds. If you have a small living space, a moderately sized bed is best for you. However, if you prefer a larger bed or have a larger breed of dog, choose a memory foam dog bed that is large or extra-large. If you hope to keep your memory foam bed for an extensive period of time, there are brands and versions that are designed to last longer and withstand more use. Similarly, you may be interested in fabric or material that resists dust mites, fleas, or allergens; therefore, you would want to choose a bed with antimicrobial fibers. If you have more than one dog or your dog frequently disrupts his or her bedding, beds that are thicker and covered in durable fabric are more ideal. Whether you are looking for a more comfortable sleeping area for your dog or he or she has bone or joint pain, the memory foam bed you choose should accommodate your space and pet, while also remaining cost efficient and durable.

Most of the memory foam beds available are rectangular or square in shape, though some are round, offering more decorative bedding options. Some beds are waterproof, perfect for the pet that may have accidents or get water on his or her bed. You can also purchase a memory foam dog bed that has a bolster, which provides relief to your dog's head and back and more comfort options for your pet. The sizes of these beds vary, though you may purchase a kit as small as 35 by 20 inches or as large as 40 by 35 inches. The cost of beds range from around $35 to nearly $240. The material the bed is made of influences price, as denim and canvas-covered beds tend to cost more than faux fur-covered ones. Some beds come with extra covers, while others feature washable, extra-durable covers that eliminate the need for extras. Other memory foam beds are treated with odor eliminators. The selections below are samples of such options available on Amazon, all highly rated with four or five stars, that will offer options for functionality, durability, and design.

Large Memory Foam Mix Dog Pillow

Dogbed4less offers a large but affordable option for you and your pet. "Large 40"X35" Orthopedic Memory Mix Foam Dog Bed Pillow with Heavy Duty Waterproof Denim Pet Bed 2 Layer Covers" is a rectangular, pillow-form option. This memory foam dog bed 40 by 35 inches in size and approximately 13 pounds in weight. It is easy to care for as it features a waterproof cover and denim cover for extra protection and padding. It is durable, holding a dog of up to 120 pounds. The bed is filled with firm memory foam for maximum comfort and prolonged use. Priced at $58, it is an affordable investment, generously-sized bed, and durable option for your dog. Smaller sizes are also available at lower cost.

Small Orthopaedic Dog Bed

"Brindle 4" Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed, Small 22" x 16"" by Brindle is yet another moderate and affordable option. At about $35, this bed is a great choice for someone looking for a smaller memory foam bed. This bed is ideal for small dogs and puppies. Its square shape provides plenty of room for your pet to stretch. It is made of high-density memory foam, contributing to your dog's joint or bone pain relief. This material is also resistant and durable, proving an excellent choice for a bed that may see much activity from younger pets or extensive use by older ones. This bed is also antimicrobial, preventing dust mites, fleas, and bacteria. This memory foam dog bed is also made of open air material, preventing your pet from getting too warm. Brindle's memory foam bed has a no-slip surface on the bottom, allowing you to maintain order and tidiness in your home. Its removable, waterproof covers also help you keep your dog's sleeping area clean. There are larger sizes available at higher cost.

Memory Foam Dog Bed for Larger Dogs

Another option, available by Carpenter, "Carpenter Gel Fiber/Memory Foam Bed for Large Dogs" is similar to the bed by Dogbed4less. It is also rectangular and for large dogs. This bed, however, has been treated with IsoFresh, preventing odors from setting in to your dog's bedding. This option is perfect for large dogs with joint or bone problems. Made of gel fiber and visco-elastic memory foam, with a corduroy cover, it is durable and comfortable. This memory foam dog bed is a lighter option, weighing only 6 pounds. This bed costs about $65, a value for the quality, size, and comfort you are afforded with this selection.

"Large Orthopedic Memory Foam Joint Relief Bolster Dog Bed - Toffee" by Integrity Bedding is a unique option. A bit pricier than other listed options, this bed is layered and large. It costs about $120. This is an excellent value, however, as it is features a bolster for your dog's head or back. Its oval shape is ideal for a larger dog as there is plenty of room for his or her legs and stretching. This memory foam dog bed comes with a removable faux fur cover, allowing you to wash and keep it fresh. Sized at 46 by 32 inches and 5 inches thick, this bed with provide plenty of space and comfort for your pet. It is a perfect choice for those hoping for a decorative option as its toffee color would likely blend into many decor styles. It is a durable, clean, and comfortable option .

Large and Extra Large Dogs Orthopaedic Bed

Big Barker offers a more expensive, but compelling option. "Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs (Headrest Edition)" is about $240. It is made of foam guaranteed for 10 years, ensuring that your bed lasts a long time. This bed comes with a washable microfiber cover, helping you keep your dog's sleeping area fresh. Sized at 48 by 30 inches and 7 inches thick, this bed exclusively for large dogs. This memory foam dog bed also comes in three colors, burgundy, chocolate, and khaki, so that you can choose the bed perfect for your living space and decor. Big Barker's bed is great for larger dogs that frequently flatten or wear out bedding. This bed is an excellent choice if you require a memory foam option that can withstand movement and size, is spacious and easy to clean, or is durable and protected with waterproof covering.

Improve Your Dog's Sleep

All of these options are well-rated and reviewed on Amazon. If you are in the market for a memory foam bed, these selections may prove ideal or, perhaps, lead you to the best choice for you and your home.


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