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Midnight Bat-Minton Anyone?

Updated on November 2, 2020

Bat Trapped in House

It was shortly after midnight and I was just starting to slowly shut my eyes ready for a good night's sleep; when all of a sudden I thought I saw a fluttering shape go past my head; thinking was that a bat I just saw or did I even see anything at all? My mind was racing a mile a minute wondering and waiting to see if there would be another flutter and all of a sudden there it was again! I shouted in panic at my boyfriend that there was a bat flying around the room!

Too Close for Comfort!

Talk about your rude awakening my poor boyfriend jumped up startled and confused trying to shake his head out of its dreams and back to reality. The thing with bats is their wings don't make any sound unlike a birds that you can hear flapping. You can only see the bat not hear it. The silence was soon broken by my screaming as the bat flew too close for comfort; I couldn't help myself I was freaking out.

Unwelcome Guest

Bats use sonar so I thought it probably a good thing to scream just to make sure the bat knows right where I was thus hopefully avoiding me. We jumped around the room trying to avoid the bat when all of a sudden he flew out of the bedroom door into the rest of the house. At this point my boyfriend had gotten his badminton racket out and we proceeded into the rest of the house in search of our unwelcome guest. We looked all over slowly wandering the house in search of our bat.

Dog Stayed in Bed

Suddenly my boyfriend tapped the living room curtains and there he was in full flutter and me in full scream mode once again. Our dog never once left her bed to check out what all the commotion was about she decided to play it safe and stay in bed. We opened our kitchen door hoping to guide him out with the aide of the badminton racket.

Small Openings

My boyfriend jumped around the room swinging his racket in pursuit of the bat that was zigzagging in every direction it seemed. My boyfriend was finally able to guide him out the door with his racket. I felt such a relief when the door shut behind our unwelcome fluttering guest. With both our hearts still racing from this ordeal we headed back to bed. We were bothered that we didn't know how he had gotten in as all the window screens had no holes. I know bats are well known for getting into places through small openings. We headed to bed with this mystery unresolved.

Back to Sleep but then.....

We lay in bed for quite awhile trying to calm down and relax enough to go back to sleep. We kept the light on for ages trying to convince ourselves that he wouldn't be back and that he was the only one so we had nothing more to worry about. Eventually we both fell back to sleep with the thought that all was well... or was it?

Familiar Flutter

It was around 4 in the morning when it was my turn to get the rude awakening by my boyfriend saying that there was another bat flying around our room! At first I thought I was dreaming this but as soon as the familiar flutter went past my face I was wide awake and knew I was not dreaming!

Round 2 of Bat-Minton!

My boyfriend picked up his reliable badminton racket for another round of "Midnight Bat-Minton" showing this unwelcome guest out the door as he had done with the first. We couldn't believe we had 1 bat let alone 2 bats flying around our bedroom in the same night. After the 2nd bat was escorted out the door we looked for the secret bat entrance once again.

Sore Loser

My boyfriend noticed that the inside trim of the air-conditioner had fallen out so this was how we figured they were getting in. The more we thought about it we figured it could have been the same bat that came back for a rematch of "Midnight Bat-Minton". I'm sure he was a sore loser how could he not be after getting whacked with a badminton racket right out the door not once but twice!


We repaired the seal on the air-conditioner hopefully that will take care of our bat problem. We will just have to wait and see if any fluttering opponents show up for some more "Midnight Bat-Minton" tonight. I know my boyfriend will be keeping his badminton racket within reach just in case a new opponent does show up.

Dedicated to my Hero the "Midnight Bat-Minton Champ"


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