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Mixed Dog Breeds

Updated on December 9, 2011

I can hardly remember a time in my life that I didn't have a dog and on top of it all, a mixed breed.  The first breed I ever had was the one I grew up with.  Her name was Candy and she was mixed with German Shepard and Collie.  She was brought home when I was five years old and she become my companion.  I know she looked out for me.  If I ran in the house, she would bark at me to stop.  She was a very protective dog, but she was also a very playful one too.  There were stories I could tell you about her but what I can say is by having her, she left a mark in our lives that has never changed.  Sadly she left us when she was fifteen, but in all she was a wonderful dog.

Now I have 2 more dogs.  Lucky whom is our border collie/spitz mix, we got him two weeks before Candy left us and within a month after she was gone we got another Shepherd Mix went by the name of Mindy.  Mindy we have no idea what her other mix is, but regarless she is a great dog.  Both of them are currently eleven years old and we know when they leave us, they will be leaving us a mark just like Candy did.

What is a Mixed Breed?

A mixed breed is where a breed is mixed with two or more breeds.  Some people love calling them mutts, but personally I don't like that name for them.  They are dogs that happened to be mixed with more than one breed.

My Opinion About Them

When living with a mixed breed, I have found that it has never ever been a dull moments.  When you get a mixed breed, you do not know what kind of temperament you are going to get.  I may have had two shephard mixes in my lifetime.  Is Candy and Mindy alike.  Heck no.  They are two totally different personalities.  In fact, Candy was more moody than Mindy is.  In fact, Mindy never has growled at you.  I don't even know if she knows how.  On the other hand, Lucky does the growling and can be moody.  He does have some of Candy's traits, but he also has his own personality too.  No matter what breed you get, they have their own distinct personality.

Do You Like Mixed Breeds?

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Health Problems

Some people say that mixed breeds are healthier. I honestly am not sure about that as any dog regarless of breed can have health problems. I do have to admit our dogs have all been in good health.  When looking at risk factors, you really do have to look at both breeds so that you know what to look out for.

Is A mixed Breed For You?

It really does depend on you.  It also depends on the dog as no one dog is the same.  Some really need the attention and maintenance and other do not.  You do not know what you are going to get.


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  • Farmer Rachel profile image

    Rachel Koski 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, now farming in Minnesota

    Great hub. That pup in the picture (Candy?) looks SO SIMILAR to my border collie/ACD mix, I wonder if that dog didn't have some ACD in her. They're wonderful dogs and so super smart. I agree with you about all the benefits of mixed breeds. I think it's important to keep introducing genetic diversity into these limited gene pools that we create through selective breeding. I cross up everything, LOL. Voted this one up etc.