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The Morgan Horse Breed Facts and Morgan Horse Information

Updated on September 8, 2017

The Morgan Horse History -

The Morgan horse breed originated in the United States during the late 18'th century. The first Morgan Horse was foaled around the year of 1793 in Springfield, Massachusetts and went by the name of Figure, but was later renamed Justin Morgan. The bloodlines that Justin Morgan had been bred from are not entirely certain, but based on a few theories, it is thought that the Morgan Horses must have first been a mix of early Thoroughbreds like the True Briton, Arab Horses, and many even think the Welsh Cob.

Justin Morgan, who the Morgan horse was named after, originally was not sure that a such a short horse was capable of anything special, but Justin Morgan soon realized that his new horse was incredibly talented. Justin Morgan, the first Morgan Stallion went on to become famous for have winning streaks in saddles races and harness races. This original Morgan stallion even proved that he was able to win weight pulling competitions as well.

What makes Morgan Horse History so important is because of the fact that the Morgans have gone on to play as a major influence and part in the making of famous ike the Standardbred, Saddlebred, and the Tennessee Walker. Morgan horses have perhaps played one of the most influential roles in the making of some of the most widely known and popular American horse breeds .

Morgan Horse Info & Morgan Horse Facts

Morgan Horse Breed Appearance ~

The Morgans are incredibly strong for a light horse breed and are full of stamina. The Morgan Horse has a broad chest, muscular neck that arches forward, and sturdy legs that place straight behind them. Their backs are short in length yet still considerably wide. This American Horse breed displays nicely placed tails and attractive heads. The Morgans stand with their front end thrusts placed in a forward position.

Morgan Horses are somewhat short horsesthat stand between 14.2 hh to 15.3 hh. Like most horse breeds, Morgan Stallions tend to measure with taller shoulder heights than Morgan Mares.

The Morgans Coat

The Morgans coat may come in any solid color variation. The Morgans exhibit visually appealing glossy finishes to their coats.


Morgan Horse Temperament

Morgan Horses have some of the best overall temperaments out of all the types of horses out there. This American Horse Breed tends to feature personalities that are brave and highly intelligent. Because of how great the Morgan Horse Temperament is, Morgan Horses make one of the top horse breeds for begging horseback riders.

Morgan Horse Temperament = Five out of Five Stars


Morgan Horse Shows and the Morgan Horse Association

Morgan Horse Shows are a great place to see in person what these American Horses really have to offer. Morgan Horse Shows are fun to watch, and you can easily check when Morgan Horse Shows are going on in your area.

Or if you have a Morgan Horse of your own and you think that your horse is of the proper, quality training to enter and compete in a Morgan Horse Show, then you can check with your area's Morgan Horse Association website to see if they have any information on applying and qualification for Morgan Horse Shows .


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      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      We have a morgan that was a foal when we got him. He is just now being trained. He is our baby!

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