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Most misunderstood animals

Updated on April 18, 2013


Pitbulls are often considered to be extremely aggressive killing machines. Well let me just tell you now, that is completely wrong. There are a lot of words that can describe a pitbull: goofy, silly, whiney, friendly, loving, but no matter what word you use, the real personality of a pitbull is often the exact opposite of there reputation. They are thought to be cold blooded killers not because of how they really are, but because they have the potential to do devestating damage. But just because an animal can do something doesn't mean it will. I grew up with a pitbull. It was good with kids, it was a big goofball, and man was it a big baby. But aggressive never was and most likely never will be a word I use to describe her, or most other pitbulls for that matter. Like any dog it depends on the envirenment they are raised in, if raised in a normal, loving envirenment then it will be a normal, loving dog.



Hamsters aren't too frowned upon by most people. But one thing you will hear from the majority is "watch out, they bite". While this can be the case for some hamsters it is largely untrue for most. Don't get me wrong, they will bite but the main cause of that is often people not paying attention to the fact that hamsters are nocturnal. Many times people will go to pick up a hamster in the middle of the day, while its sleeping. Imagine having a giant hand reaching down and grabbing you to wake you up, its a scary thought. Sometimes people will say "well the hamster was up, I saw him eating so I knew he was awake so I tried to pick him u and he bit me". That is usually problem number 2. Don't grab any animal when they are eating, that goes for any pet and failure to understand this often leads to a bite and a wrongfully blamed pet. I've had my fair share of experience with this when I was a kid and I'll admit that every time I was bitten was my fault. There isn't a problem with having to learn the hard way sometimes, but don't make your pet seem like the bad guy for your mistake.



Sharks have a similar reputation to pitbulls, they are nothing but agressive killing machines. I find that label quite odd considering a shark's first instinct is to avoid you. Sharks are known to shy away from things that are not a familiar food source to them. On average there are 16 shark attackes per year in the U.S and one fatal attack very two years. That isn't to say that sharks are cuddly little guys because they aren't. However they aren't nearly as bad as their reputation suggests and some shars can even be tamed



I live in America so a motto that you hear a lot is "If I don't like it then it's dangerous.". Well, okay you don't hear it a lot but that's just because people won't say it, but they will certainly show it. Take the tarantula for example, many people believe them to be deadly, vicious, 8 legged monsters. However tarantulas are close to harmless to people and actually rarely show any hostility to people. I'm not the biggest fan of creepy crawlys and I'm not afraid to admit it. But I'm not gonna shift the blame over to this poor little guy. I'm squeemish, simple as that. However many people decide since they don't like tarantulas then that means they are dangerous. But the chance of being fatally injured by a tarantula is the same as being fatally injured by a bee. If a tarantula does get scared enough and decides to attack then the worst you are likely to walk away with is an uncomfortable rash or bite mark. These creatures are far vicious and are actually quite docile.



Rats, they are dirty, disease ridden, vicious vermin! Well through the glasses of ignorance anyway. In all actuality they are cute, clean, intelligent, loving animals that make some of the best pets possible. They love to interact with their owners and other rats and form one of the strongest bonds you can find. They can be taught tricks and are very responsive to your actions. They are also very docile and hardly ever bite or nip. Rats are actually a pretty ideal pet if rodents are your thing. Don't let rediculous rumors steer you away from these amazing pets


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    • profile image

      Victoria Salter 4 years ago

      I like this list. However, there is one very misunderstood animal species that they missed out here; wolves. Wolves have a reputation for being very vicious, heartless killers who will kill livestock, attack children and tear people apart like vicious dogs.

      However, wolves are actually very sociable animals. They form packs with a hierarchy that, in my opinion, can rival the systems within some certain groups of people.

      Also, attacks on people by healthy, wild wolves are actually very rare indeed. Most wild wolves tend to be too nervous to actually get up close enough to hurt a person, often preferring to just stay away from people rather than attack them.

      Also, although they are generally quite unpredictable animals, wolves can also show signs of affection and even devotion towards human beings. They have been observed and even filmed greeting one of their keepers after she had not been able to see them in a very long time and the greeting session is almost exactly the same as you would imagine many dogs to behave when left for long periods by their people. Also, there has even been at least one story of a man's life being saved by a wolf that he had raised from a pup...

    • catgypsy profile image

      catgypsy 4 years ago from the South

      As an avid animal lover, I LOVE this hub! It is so sad how many animals are painted in such a bad light and for no reason. Thanks for this wonderful hub!