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Mushers Secret Paw Wax

Updated on December 17, 2009

Musher's Secret is an all natural paw wax made in Canada and used to protect doggie paws from snowballing and other wintery happenings. What's snowballing, you ask? It's when Fido accumulates tiny snowballs between the toes or on the bottom of his feet -- these can be painful when walking or running, so it's necessary to protect the paw before going out in the snow (and I'll explain how to do this in a moment.) But that's not all Musher's Secret is fabulous for! It's brilliant for protecting doggie paws from asphalt, especially when it's hot in the summertime. That, and it's FANTASTIC at soothing dry doggie paws, even when nothing else seems to work. Read on to learn more about Musher's Secret and how fabulous it is.

What is Musher's Secret?

Musher's Secret creates a breathable wax barrier between your dog's feet and the elements. It's made from food-grade waxes, is non-toxic and will protect your dog's paws from ice, snow, hot asphalt, snowballing, sand, salt, chemicals and other elements. It smells nice, it feels nice on the skin (not heavy like Vaseline or other creams might) and will not stain your clothes or carpets.

How do you use it?

You don't need to slather this stuff on, you just run your finger around the wax and then paint your dog's paws with it (using your fingers). Apply it on all the pads and toes, including beneath and between to prevent things like snowballing -- I also apply it to the toenails to keep them moisturized and healthy looking. Doggie feet really look gorgeous after this stuff is applied!

How often do you use it?

It depends on how often you walk and in what conditions, but generally it's usually reapplied a couple of times per week. You can use it as often as needed, but remember you don't need to pile it on.

How long will a container last?

I've got a 200 g container and I reckon it will probably last me the entire winter, possibly longer, and I live in a country where it snows regularly in winter.

Dry or cracked pads

If you've got a dog with dry paw pads and nothing seems to help, not even prescription methods, this may be your miracle cure. One application of this stuff has cured dogs of rough, dry pads when nothing else could help. One application! It's really amazing stuff -- and your own hands will feel silky soft after applying it to your dog, as well.

Where can you buy it?

I bought mine at and that's probably the easiest place to get it, especially if you want to get the larger container. Note that there isn't much difference in price with regard to container size, so you may want to go for the larger size, especially if you've got more than one dog.



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