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Mutts as Family Dogs

Updated on May 16, 2010
Mutt, Crackers, from Google Images
Mutt, Crackers, from Google Images
Mutt from Google Images, isn't he cute?!
Mutt from Google Images, isn't he cute?!
Mutt, Cory, from Google Images
Mutt, Cory, from Google Images

What is a “Mutt”?

  • A mutt is a dog that is not a purebred.
  • A purebred dog is a dog whose parents were both the same specific breed. In contrast, a mutt may have parents from two different breeds or parents who were already a mix of many different breeds themselves.
  • Therefore, a mutt does not carry a specific breed name, and that is where the term “Mutt” comes from; a dog that is a mixture of many different breeds.
  • Mutts may also be referred to as Cross Breeds, Half-Breeds, Mixed Breeds or Heinz 57

When to consider a “Mutt” over a Purebred?

  • Determine what your dog-owning long-term goals are.
  • I would recommend a mutt for people generally looking for a family dog. People looking for a companion for themselves and their children.
  • A dog you can walk anywhere, take anywhere and do anything with! Anything you would do with a purebred, that is.
  • Mutts can usually be more affordable than purebreds
  • They have more variation in their genetic makeup. No two mutts look the same or act the same, making your mutt much more unique than any purebred
  • Mutts gave people the chance to mix two dogs together with two or more great qualities to create a dog that could function to his or her maximum potential. In contrast, purebreds might have one great quality or skill only, making some people believe that mutts are “smarter” than purebred dogs.

Purebreds are for people and families who:

  • One day want to show and breed their dog. Only purebreds will be accepted for membership groups such as the American Kennel Club which is essential to keep the bloodlines up to breeding standards
  • Want their dog to have “pure” blood lines and the best physical qualities
  • Want the notoriety of owning a purebred
  • Are willing to spend more money for a similar breed they could probably purchase as “pet-stock”
  • Prefer a dog that has been specifically bred to maximize one specific trait or skill such as hunting, working, herding, etc.
  •  For more information on dog breeds, please visit:



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