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My Best Fish Friend BFF Fish

Updated on November 18, 2011

My Best Fish Friend BFF Fish

Watching TV with my 5 year old can almost always guarantee that at some point, something will be advertised that she " has to get". If you have children then you know exactly what I am talking about. One of the most played commercials on TV today is for My Best Fish Friend or My BFF Fish for short. I can't tell you how many times I see the ad in a day but it is a lot and of course every time I am informed of the dire need to have them.

After watching the commercials I figured this was the old Sea Monkeys concept but now with real tropical fish, kind of cool. I remember Sea Monkeys as a kid and as cheesy as they may seem to some they were awesome when I was a kid. So I looked further in to them to find that these are not just popular but, they really work!

They hatch up to 8 fish, sometime you get 1 or 2 more and sometimes a few less but they do hatch and come to life. If for some reason there is a problem customer support is quick to respond as well which is a welcome change of pace. They even have a Facebook page where people get very quick responses to their questions as well.

These are really a great first pet for kids. You can teach them the responsibilty of owning a pet without spending a ton of money or having to take over a dozen different chores. The fish look really colorful and are relaxing to watch. You don't need a big fancy aquarium either, just a large fish bowl or 5 gallon tank will do.

If you have been thinking about getting a first pet or are just intrigued by the My Bff Fish commercial check out the official website at My Best Fish Friend BFF Fish

Best Fish Friend Commercial and Live Fish

How To Take Care Of My Best Fish Friends BFF Fish

As I mentioned above these little guys are easy to take care of and you will generally have little fish swimming around within 24 hours of starting the project up. It's so easy you can literally have the kids do most of the work.

What you will need to start

One 8 - 12 oz. glass or plastic cup
6 - 8 oz. of room temperature bottled water, or tap water that
has been left in the sun for at least 2 hours.

Non-Iodized salt (or sea salt) (available at your local market)

Brief Hatching Instructions:

Place the miracle pouch (Box 1) into the cup of water.
Baby fish will start hatching within 24 hours.

Preparing the Food:

Place 1 scoop of salt into each the food containers from Box 3
using the measuring spoon in Box 4.
Please a small pinch of brine shrimp eggs from Box 2 into the
salt water. The brine shrimp will hatch within 24 hours.
Use the siphon from Box 4 to feed the fish once they hatch.

Like I said, easy stuff. Very little mess and the kids can do most of the work. now just sit back and watch your fish grow.

Fish Hatching

My Best Fish Friend Frequently Asked Questions

 1) Are My Best Fish Friend Real Fish?
Yes. The scientific name is Nothobranchius Korthausae, and orginate from South Africa or South American regions.

2) How many My Best Fish Friend will hatch at one time?
The My BFF Miracle pouch can produce up to 8 fish,or even more, however that may not happen all at one time. Please refer to Step # 2 of the detailed breeding guide (see reverse side) for hatching another batch from your miracle pouch.

3) What type of water should I use?
The ideal conditions to hatch My BFFs are at room temperature, or 64-86°F, using plain, non-carbonated, unflavored bottled water. Please refer to Step # 1of the detailed breeding guide (see reverse side). If bottled water is not available to you, please make sure that the tap water is free of rust, and is placed in the sun for a minimum of 2 hours to remove any chlorine, which is commonly found in tap water. ***Remember, you must wait until the water is at room temperature before trying to hatch My BFF.

4) Why am I not seeing any fish?
Generally, it takes 24 hours for My BFFs to hatch. Your MY BFFs are very tiny, and will often hide in the coco substrate, the brownish/black flakes from the miracle pouch at the bottom of the container.

5) How delicate are My Best Fish Friend ?
Initially My BFFs are tiny and delicate. It is important to feed them, and never place them in direct sunlight. It is also very important to change their water every 2-3 days once they are a week or two old. Please follow the detailed directions for changing water.

6) Do My BFFs require an oxygenated environment?
My BFFs are perfectly happy with fresh clean water and do NOT require air pumps, or heaters.

7) How quickly will My Best Fish Friends grow to adult size?
A lot will depend on how you take care of your My BFFs. If fed properly and supplied with clean fresh water, they will grow to adult size in approximately 2 to 3 months.

8) How often do I feed My BFFs?
One siphon/dropper full of brine shrimp each day for the first 4 weeks, then two droppers full every day for each fish.

9) Can adult fish and baby fish be kept in the same container?
If there is a big difference in the size of the adult and baby fish, the adult fish may bite or even eat the smaller fish. It is recommended that the smaller fish be kept separate until they grow to full size. My BFFs are sometimes playful and will chase or bite other fish. Your new My BFFs may listen if you tell them to play nice!

10) Can I hatch My Best Fish Friend in an aquarium?
NO. Your My BFFs will need a small place, 6 to 8 oz cup initially, then transfer to larger containers as they grow.

11) What age range are My BFF suitable for?
My BFF are suitable for any and all ages above 3 years old.

Do you have My BFF Fish

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