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My Breed ( Schnauzer )

Updated on March 2, 2011

What you need to know

Ok besides being extremely cute the Schnauzer is a great dog, they are loving, intelligent, and just all around a happy dog, also they make great watchdogs. The Schnauzer is a German breed that appeared sometime around the turn of the century. If you’re looking to buy or adopt, these dogs are great. Now depending on what size range you are looking at will determine if it’s a good fit. If you have small children that don’t really rough house then the small breed would be perfect but if you have really active kids that love to rough house then the larger breed would be best. Some things to expect in their health as they get older are, prone to liver disease, kidney stones, diabetes, skin disorders, von Willebrand's disease and cysts. Also hereditary eye problems. Now i know that sounds like a lot but usually the dog may have only one of them. For their life expectancey it is around 15yrs and won’t show signs of ageing till much later on in its life. grooming for the Schnauzer is a little bit of an upkeep if you want them in a breed cut all the time but if you just do a shave down which still looks cute it’s a much easier maintenance also they shed very little so people with allergies won’t have as many problems being around them. For exercise this is a very active dog so long brisk walks and long play sessions would be the best for them. I realy hope you think of getting a Schnauzer. For me, mine was the best dog i ever had and he thought he was the king of the world.


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