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Adopting Throw Away Pets - The story of Dude.

Updated on November 4, 2013

Dogs Rule

Our family pets are family members too.

They love without reservations.

They are loyal and true.

They are always happy to greet us when we get home, no matter how long, or how short a period, we are gone.

(much unlike some of our human family members)

I love dogs.

  • They are the true companion of man.
  • They love without boundaries.
  • Their love is unconditional.
  • They are always happy to see you.
  • And best of all they don't talk back.

''My greatest goal in life is to be the kind of person my dogs think i am.''

Pictures of Dude

watching the squirrels
watching the squirrels | Source
nap time
nap time
posing for a picture
posing for a picture
messing up the bed
messing up the bed
being coy
being coy
taking a nap on the couch
taking a nap on the couch
his sad face
his sad face
another nap on the couch
another nap on the couch
sniffing the air
sniffing the air
watching me mow the grass
watching me mow the grass

The story of Dude

When tragedy stuck my brother's family:

One of my brothers had three children. One of those children had a dog. A mixed breed. His name was Dude.

First my brothers wife died.

Then one of his children died.

Then the spouse of the second of the children died.

Then the second child died.

  • This one had the dog.

The remaining child could not take the dog, so i did.

He really was not an affectionate or friendly dog. He would not come to me when i called him. He just sat quietly watching as we emptied out the house after everyone had passed away.

On the last day of packing up the household stuff, and closing up the house to put on the market, I had left the passengers side of my pickup truck empty.

I said to the dog,

"you get one chance to make a choice. Either stay here by yourself, or come home with me".

I opened up the passenger door on my pickup, and said,

"it is now or never".

He ran to the truck and jumped in. Sat upright on the seat and looked out the windshield, as if to say.

''OK, i made up my mind, lets go''.

And so we did just that.

Fitting in

I brought this little guy home rather than place him in a pound, kennel, shelter, etc..

He was about three years old. His name is "Dude". He was extremely reluctant about letting me pet him, but, he settled right in with the other 3 dogs, even though he was brought up in a household where he was the only pet.

He also was not used to being around cats, and i had seven of them at the time. He didn't harm them, just growled every time one of them ventured too close to him.

He was clearly an alpha dog. He wanted to rule the roost.

Since all the others pets were quite content with themselves being equals they mainly just ignored him.

He was not a particularly lovable dog, but he was not mean or aggressive or anything like that. He just growled a lot. This was usually enough to make anyone in his way, move. Now he knew he had some 'growling power' over the other animals. I keep telling him he is a bully.

Every time he growled i would pick him up and sit him in my folded arms at chest height. He was so proud to be above all the others he would hold his head up high and look around like a king sitting on his throne.

The other little dog "Bruno" (actually they were about the same size - 30 lbs or so) was spoiled rotten and spent most of his time on my lap while watching TV and slept on the bed, by my side.

Dude starting observing this phenomenon with much curiosity.

He was never allowed on the bed, or other furniture, in his previous home.

He would just sit and stare at the other one, sitting on my lap. I would guess, he was trying to figure out why he was staying on my lap and looking so content.

Eventually he got up the nerve to try it himself. The first time he jumped on my lap, it sort of startled me. He just stood there for a few moments, awkwardly tried to sit next to me on the recliner, as opposed to actually sitting on my lap.

When he found there was not enough room for him to do that he got down and gave me a dirty look.

After a couple of attempts he figured out that the best place to sit was actually on my lap. Thus a new competition had begun between him and Bruno.

Then he 'allowed' me to pet him while he was sitting on my lap. After a fashion, i would give him a gentle hug and a kiss on the top of his head. The first couple of times he gave me the weirdest look and got down on the floor.

So i started calling him "the Dude with a 'tude" (attitude of course).

Now 8 years later when i give him kisses on the top of his head, he just looks at me lovingly and even manages a little "kiss" back by a quick flick of his tongue on my cheek.

He is still not sure if he likes this affection or not.

After losing 6 of my 7 cats, and one of the 3 dogs, to old age and illnesses, he only has to compete with one cat and one other dog.

He has mellowed with age and his growling is not as prevalent. He even allows the cat to affectionately rub up against him a couple of passes before he gives her a warning growl, to say that's enough.

She doesn't push him.

His growling face

Wanting me to pick him up
Wanting me to pick him up | Source
Watching me, watching T.V.
Watching me, watching T.V. | Source

Dude and Bruno

sometimes they both want the attention
sometimes they both want the attention | Source

Just part of the "family"

He has been a great source of joy and comfort to me over the years and i have grown quite attached to this little guy.

He found his own place at the foot of the bed, and in my heart. this little 'Dude' with a 'tude'.

So i decided to do a musical slide show for him while he is still living so he can enjoy it too.

I have a 60" TV and when i play my musical DVDs that i have of my deceased pets, he will sit and watch them with me.

Probably wondering why they are no longer here, and how long it will before it is his turn to join them.

I do hope it will be many, many years from now.

So, here is a little slide show i put together to share his little (big) life with you.

I recently discovered how to make videos with my camera and after placing it on 'you tube', i can now add it to the hub.

Hope you enjoy the little video as well.

Thanks for reading, watching, and sharing a little of Dude's exceptional life with me.

by: d.william 10/21/10

His favorite spot is watching me while i watch T.V. - Music by Patti Page taken from an old record i have.

© 2012 d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and your comments. I love this little beast and he still has his 'attitude' problem towards the other dog and cat - and me if i happen to misbehave. L.O.L.

      The most i had at one time was 4 dogs and 7 cats. They passed away from old age, one at a time, leaving me with these 2 dogs and one old cranky cat. These three are the same age i am (in pet years of course) and i do worry about me passing on before they do. I can't imagine how they will survive with anyone else as they are so spoiled.

      After these 3 are gone, if my health permits, i will do a little traveling then settle down back in my New England home town, and i suspect i will have more little critters at that time to keep me company through my old age.

    • cat on a soapbox profile image

      Catherine Tally 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Dude may think he's the lucky one, but it's looking mutual from your story! As hard as it is to say goodbye to the pets that we outlive, having them makes our hearts bigger. The pain of losing a beloved cat or dog will NEVER keep me from opening my home/heart to another. As I get older and worry that a pet could outlive me, I will rescue the older ones left homeless for whatever reason. Thank you for sharing your story, pictures, and videos. The dog's life made me smile- how GOOD it is! Adopting a animal that has abandonment issues just takes patience and kindness. They will eventually come around after a few months. You seem to have an inherent sense for this. :)

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I have always had cats all my life. I adopted my first dog in 2002 and discovered they are way more dependent on people than cats are. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with adopting your dog.

      At one time i had 4 dogs and 7 cats. They were like children and when they passed on, one at a time, from old age, each one took its toll. I think of them often, and have done tributes to them all on hub pages. I have two dogs left and one cat. We are all about the same age, and it will be a sad day when they pass on. I just hope they all go before i do. It worries me to think what will become of them if i go first. They are so spoiled i don't think they would survive without me.

    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

      Dude is indeed fortunate. We tried to adopt a dog twice. The first one had bladder cancer so went to a sanctuary run by a vet. The second was an alpha that tried to rule the roost - and bit two of us so we had, with the help of the SPCA to find him a new home. Cats rule in our home. I believe as far as possible that if a pet comes into our life he or she is a member of the family for life.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and your kind words of support. Dude says thank you also. He is such a ham.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for reading. I am glad you enjoyed my little tribute to Dude.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Oh I got a kick out of this! The video is so cute. Poor Dude swimming in the pool, lucky Dude! Thank you for sharing, loved it..Cheers

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Enjoyed reading the story about Dude and your hub is a great tribute to him. Loved the sideshow !

      Vote up and more !!!