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My Dog Eats Poop

Updated on March 13, 2016

When you catch your dog eating feces, do not get upset with the dog. Since a dog can not talk like we do, it behaves in many way to get our attention. Some may be gross such as eating poop, also known as Coprophania. This behavior is common in dogs, It could mean, experiencing health issues, boredom or behavioral.

Health Issues

When you see your dog eat poop, you may want to take it to the vet to rule out some health problems. A dog may be lacking nutrients, he may be underfed or they could have parasites. In an older dog, they may be experiencing increased appetite or unusual appetite such as diabetes, thyroid disease, or or treatment to some drugs may be the cause to why they are eating feces.


Some dogs display anxiety and lack of attention given to them they do things like eat feces to get your attention. If health issues isn't the reason why your dog eats poop, explore the possibilities that your own behavior is the cause of this behavior.

Other behaviors

  • A dog may eat their own feces because they are cleaning their own space, especially when they are confined in a kennel, chained, or in a small yard.
  • When an owner uses incorrect punishment after their dog had an accident indoors, such as rubbing their nose in the feces, it can cause a dog to start eating it
  • For about the first three weeks, the mother will eat their puppies feces. The puppies will naturally copy the mothers behavior. By the time they are nine months old this behavior should fade away. If it hasn't gone away, then there are other causes why your pup is eating his, or another animals poop.

Stopping this behavior

Fortunately, there are ways to end this bad behavior.

  • A simple diet change, by adding enzyme supplements or vitamin supplements.
  • make sure the dogs playing area is clean at all times.
  • make sure to give the dog attention. Take him for walks or jogs or even toss him a ball.
  • work on commands "leave it" when you see him going towards feces and always praise him for listening



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