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My Dog Has Fleas, But Wait a Minute- I Don't Have a Dog

Updated on September 21, 2009

Flea Trap

This is the Flea Trap that kept me up nights- It did handle the fleas though.
This is the Flea Trap that kept me up nights- It did handle the fleas though.
The box
The box

I had a Flea Problem but I Had no Pets

I live in an apartment complex which is very small. Actually my apartment is very small, too small in fact to have a pet. There are only six apartments in my entire complex but there are 15 cats, and most of these cats are outdoor cats. One important factor which makes the complex more desirable is that it is in the middle of the block and therefore not on any street. We have all kinds of fruit trees a couple of avocado trees and this makes a perfect home for the multitude of cats. This means that every summer I have a small flea infestation in my apartment.

In the past, I used flea bombs, flea sprays, and all manner of chemicals to try to get of the fleas. I even resorted to taking tons of garlic before bed in order to avoid being annoyed by the little bloodsuckers at night.

I have found a solution however, and this is a small device called a flea trap. Now I first encountered this as an item on a price list from the company that supplied my solar lights. It really didn't seem to fit in with the rest of their products, and was very little additional information to explain why they had a flea trap. Was it a solar powered? Did it have some sort of environmental significance?

Well the mystery was just too much, I just had to get one. Well I told my wife about this and she found a cheaper one from an online pet store. It ended up being a little round box like thing with the lightbulb in it-it sort of looked like a gazebo. The funny thing was, it actually caught fleas. I, however, still had to get the other one since my curiosity was still aroused.

When it finally arrived I first read the box. It was based on a Kansas State University patent, and with environmentally safe with no chemicals required. It was cordless lightweight and portable, and its unique design also trapped larvae. It said "light attracts fleas within range of 40 feet and beyond" and "can clear the room of fleas overnight". Well it sounded interesting. The other one actually had to be plugged into the wall.

Now the thing had to be operating in the dark, since it works on lights, which means that if you wanted to use it in your bedroom, you had a night light. However, the light was constantly flashing different patterns, since that was part of the technology that made it work. This was a little bit hard to get used to.

Now the good thing is it really worked far better than the "gazebo", and the bad thing is those lights drove me crazy. However I must say that I was pleased with the product's performance. It was so much better than having to use a flea bomb, or chemical sprays. It was a bit expensive though but actually cheaper than chemical treatments I had used in the past- check out the flea trap here. The other flea trap is available at Amazon.

So Now if I get a Dog There Will be no Fleas on Me

So I found an environmentally friendly way to handle the flea problem which is very fortunate for me because my wife is very chemically sensitive. She is sensitive to chemicals that are sold as being allergy free. I used to think she made it all up because she perceives chemicals that should be humanly imperceptible.  If I use athletes foot spray and she comes in 2 hours later- she knows. If you paint a room she can't go near it for months. It is really a phenomenon.

It was good fortune that I found a non-chemical solution because this had been a big problem in the past. There are many places on line where you can buy products for people like my wife, and some of these even have products that she isn't sensitive to, but after all this we could even get a pet- but she is allergic to cats. So we still could get a dog, and  if my apartment wasn't so small I might do this, providing he could get along with all of the cats.

Now realize this problem existed with no pet actually living in our home, so I'm not sure it does work with a pet living in the home but it should. And if it does then you would have a way to reduce or eliminate flea problems with your pets.


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    • GreenMathDr profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      I hope you don't find your self with that problem again as it is annoying. Thanks for stopping by though.

    • Anath profile image


      9 years ago

      This is amazing, and enviromentally friendly flea trap? I am happy it worked, I have suffered from those tyni pests and it took weeks to get rid of them. I would have tried anything at the time. I hope I don't encounter the same problem again, but if I ever do, I'll know what to use :)


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