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Benefits Of The Paracord Dog Leash

Updated on September 25, 2014

You are at the park on a Sunday walking your dog that is still in training. He is pulling you towards something either delicious or suspicious he's sniffed out in the hedge. You're watching a father and son play soccer. Then you feel the leash go slack and look down to see it has snapped.

In the moments it takes for your dog to realize he's free, the soccer ball goes flying past him and he tears after it. You tear after him and discover him attacking the ball as if it's his mortal enemy. By the time the father and son run up, the soccer ball is unrecognizable.

At the very least, the father may understand what happened and simply ask you to compensate for the ball. At worst, he could have an intense dislike of dogs. He could be angry enough to could follow you home and set the animal shelter on you.

It's not an uncommon scenario. Dog leashes have broken at more awkward times in public places. There are also too many stories of dogs tearing apart a leash and bolting into traffic. Teething dogs love to sit and chew on the cord for hours on end. If it's fabric or poor leather, it will begin to fray. There will eventually come a day when all that is needed to have your otherwise friendly dog break his leash and chase the neighbor's annoying dog is a strong pull.

This would never happen if your dog's leash were of paracord. There are several reasons why paracord leashes are the choice for many knowing dog owners and trainers.

Reasons for Buying Paracord Dog Leash

· Paracord is strong and highly durable.
· It is lightweight and therefore good for training leashes.
· It is much cheaper than leather, while offering nearly as good durability as leather.
· Paracord is waterproof, so leashes made of the rope do not constrict when they get wet.

Paracord leash
Paracord leash

Why Paracord is Highly Durable

Paracord is tough because not only is it nylon, it is also a kernmantle rope. Nylon is commonly used for ropes, tire cords, seat belts and ballistic cloth because it is very durable and is highly resistant to abrasion. When you take several inner cores (or kern) of nylon rope and weave a protective nylon mantle over the inner core, you multiple the durability several times. The kern provides the strength of the paracord and the sheath provides the resistance to abrasion.

It is only recently that we have begun using paracord in our daily lives. But in the past, it had very heavy duty uses, such as for carrying paratroopers during World War II. The rope has also seen heavy duty use in space, when in 1997; NASA astronauts repaired the Hubble Space Telescope with the help of paracord harnesses. The US military continues to use paracord and calls it the 550 cord. Clearly, there is no question about the durability that a paracord dog leash could offer.

Paracord is Lightweight

When you're buying a leash you need to consider comfort along with durability. Too-heavy leashes will be uncomfortable both for the trainer or dog walker. A leash that is too heavy can also end up confusing your dog, making him think you're pulling on the leash when you aren't. This can interfere with training. Paracord is just the right weight for all purposes, which is why it's so popular.

Paracord is Cheaper Than Leather

Leather is the next best thing to paracord in strength and better in terms of resistance to fraying, but it can be very expensive. If you have located inexpensive leather leashes, beware as they often have poor stitching and can snap anytime when in use. Paracord leashes are cheap enough that you can get several different training leashes until you find the one that most fits you and your dog.

The Benefits of a Waterproof Leash

A waterproof leash like paracord can be simply tumbled in the washing machine after a muddy day out. It will come out of the washer as clean as new. It doesn't begin to smell when wet, unlike leather and fabric leashes.

Paracord leashes are available in more colors and patterns than you could imagine, and can match your dog's collar. They can also be found in round “corded” varieties or “flat” braided ones. They can often be customized and made to order any way you like.

In Conclusion

If you want a highly durable, fray-resistant, lightweight, waterproof and affordable leash to train your dog or take him for a walk, then a paracord dog leash is the best option for you.


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