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My First Pet: My Dog Scrappy

Updated on September 4, 2011

My Dog Scrappy

I have not had a pet a dog, cat, gold fish or gecko for almost 25 years. The main reason is that over that period of time I have moved quite a few times and have covered many miles.

The last pets that we had were when we lived in Toronto in the late 80s; we had a dog named Cleo who was part boxer. Cleo was affectionate and we shared nearly a year of good times together but then we had to move and our new land lord was allergic to dogs or so the story went and the dog had to go.

Fortunately, I have a friend who lived outside of Toronto on several acres of land and was eager to take her. I can still see the day when I dropped Cleo off and said goodbye. As I walked away from her she made a strong effort to follow me and was not pleased to see me go. That was a sad day.

Sad enough that I choose not to repeat it.

I received regular reports about Cleo from my friend and she appeared to eb adjusting to her new hoem with lots of space to run and adventures to enjoy.

I grew up with pets well, cats and dogs, mostly. I faintly remember a hamster but if memory serves me well his fate was less than happy.

My very first dog was a Heinz 57 varieties black, tan and white ball of energy that we called Scrappy. My parents brought her home just shortly after bringing me home for the first time. She was my constant companion for the next 12 years.

My mother often told the story of how Scrappy once saved me from serious harm or worse. We lived in a new suburban area; in fact, there were only two other houses in existence and an old shack, just down the street that had been torn down.

It was a very quiet and safe neighbourhood in those days.

My mother had put me outside in my carriage one beautiful late Spring day. She was coming out back to check on me and letting Scrappy out. When mom stepped out the door she saw a rather large rat perched up on my carriage but before she could act, Scrappy had grabbed that rat and dispatched it quickly.

I think back on the days I spent with Scrappy with a fondness that warms my heart. There are times when I miss her but mostly I remember that she lived up to her name and was a true friend.


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  • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

    Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

    Scrappy sounds wonderful. It sounds like you have great memories of your Scrappy.