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My Pomeranian Dog, Hero, Grows Hair Back After 8 Years Bald

Updated on June 8, 2017
Hero and his adoring fans.
Hero and his adoring fans.

An advocate of Natural Foods for myself, this has carried over to my animals. Lo and behold it has been a Godsend to my little Hero. Eliminating wheat, corn or soy I added...a SPECIAL ingredient.

Hero is 16 years old. He is an AKC registered Pomeranian, full name, Hero Great True Dreym.

He is nearly deaf, nearly blind, has lost most of his teeth, both his ears have scrunched from being swelled. He lost most of his hair after the death of two of his girlfriends, a little over a year apart. I know he was heartbroken, and it turned into Black Skin Disease. He's a near wreck.

Hero at his magnificent glory about a year old. The beautiful late, Honey, is on the left.
Hero at his magnificent glory about a year old. The beautiful late, Honey, is on the left.

Hero was born January 14, 1998, and this second picture was taken in the summer of 1998, so he wasn't a year old as I put on the picture. But he was full grown and had a beautiful coat.

Honey Pearl Joy Dreym was 14 months older than Hero and I had planned to raise puppies for sale. Nothing ever happened and Honey was tragically killed by a German Shepherd when she was 7 1/2 years old.

This is Hero on the front porch with Miti. Miti was a throw-a-way, but a full-blooded Pomeranian. I gave her the Pedigree name, Mitzi Sweet Baby Dreym. She doubled her weight in the 2 years I had her, and died of an apparent heart attack.

Here you see Hero in the corner of the couch with a shirt on and you can see the skin on his butt.

The dog on the right is Rebel, who I got as a companion after the death of Miti, because Hero had never been alone before and he paniced. His name is Rebel Jett Star Dreym.

Here I am holding Hero and Rebel, and you can see Hero was in the process of losing his hair.

Rebel on the arm of the couch. Hero, nose in the corner, and Moni the cat looking on.... This shows how bare Hero's butt really was.

How Did This Happen?

Hero on his 16th Birthday, January 14, 2014.
Hero on his 16th Birthday, January 14, 2014.

After 8 years of being bald from the neck to the knees, how did Hero miraculously grow his hair back?

The ONLY logical explanation is OATMEAL.

After acquiring a 3rd dog (Maui Precious Diamond Dreym) and a houseful of cats, I began stretching the chicken I cooked to feed them all (cheaper than dog or cat food), by making oatmeal out of the chicken broth and adding it back to the deboned, cut up chicken.

Hero wasn't the only benefactor of this, but being he grew hair, it was more noticeable. He gained about a pound in the several months growing the hair, and seemed to get a new lease on life. He became friskier than he had been, and is no longer frail.

I remembered reading something in Jethro Kloss' book Back to Eden about workers who used Oatmeal Water, and couldn't remember exactly how it went. I have the book... but where??? I spent about 20 minutes looking for it, then went to Google.

Walla! This is what I found:

'Oatmeal water is mentioned by Jethro Kloss in his classic 70’s book “Back to Eden”. He had read in a daily paper “…that the Great Northern Railroad had a very urgent piece of road to make. They hired a big crew of men and worked them fourteen hours a day. Instead of giving them ordinary water to drink, they gave them oatmeal water to drink, and the newspaper stated that not one man was off work on account of sickness, and it stated that never before has there been such a wonderful, healthy experience in the entire history of railroads.”'

A few days later...

Of course, now that I've found the quote, I've found the book.

My Pride and Joy

Hero has been my constant companion for over 16 years and I love him to the moon and back. We have not spent but 2 days apart since I got him at 6 weeks old. That was when I went to my daughter's wedding 5 states away. He even flew to South Dakota with me to see said daughter about 4 years later, to see my grandson who was a year and a half old.

Hero had a couple of near deaths... once he choked on a hot dog. He fell off the couch trying to get to me. I was at my desk with my back to him and when I heard that I didn't know what was wrong. I grabbed him up and he had panic in his eyes! I started shaking him and doing, 'Oh, my God.' which does no good. Well, maybe it was a prayer because I then realized he was choking. I got my finger down his throat and he started to vomit. Out popped a chunk of hot dog about 3 inches long, just before he was ready to pass out.

Today I don't give my animals hot dogs because of the contents... but I never gave him a whole one again. I cut them up in half inch pieces.

Another time he had a small stroke and seemed about to go into a convulsion when I picked him up, and he came out of it. It happened again a few months later. I started facing the fact that Hero was aging and I may not have him much longer. He was very frail and weak.

Then he suddenly started growing his hair! After 8 years bald, I couldn't believe it. Then he seemed to get perkier and putting on weight. I had changed their dry dog food to a wheat, corn and soy free product about a year earlier, so that combination of better food and the addition of oatmeal had to be why he was growing his hair back. I was totally overjoyed.

Now Hero is stronger and seems to have a new lease on life. Sure, he still can't see much, can't hear much, and now he seems to have lost his bark.... permanent larengitis? But I see him to live a good time longer.

I decided to add the video below I took as Hero was growing out his hair... It's kind of cute.

Me and my Hero. January, 2013
Me and my Hero. January, 2013

Here is Me and Hero near his 15th birthday. He is, of course, my oldest pet, but I now have a menagerie of 20 animals, 17 of which are cats.

June 22, 2015

I lost my precious Hero today. He was 17 1/2. I am so grateful for this last year and a half.

Rainbow Bridge painting given to me by Emily Gmitter.
Rainbow Bridge painting given to me by Emily Gmitter.


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    • Vista15 profile image

      Tiana Dreymor 3 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Thank you, Jaye. Don't we have lucky animals? Some of that stuff coming from China is poison! I don't go to the extremes that you do because I am on a very limited income (I did NOT need the cats!) but I do buy the cheapest dog food without wheat, soy and corn, that I can find. (So far that is Walmart's Pure Balance.) The cats eat it, too. They don't know it is dog food. Right now I have some Nutrish cat food that I had a $2 off coupon for and they ALL love it!

      Thanks for your comments!

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 3 years ago from Deep South, USA

      Wonderful news, and I'm not at all surprised that being fed a healthier (non-commercial) diet is the reason for Hero's hair re-growth. He is beautiful!

      I feed my own dog (a 9-year-old mini schnauzer) home-cooked food of chicken breasts (all fat trimmed off), carrots, green beans and pumpkin. All ingredients are organic. (The butcher at Whole Foods who trims the chicken and cuts it for me has recovered from his shock at learning I don't eat it--it's for my dog.)

      My dog is blind and has a compromised immune system because of over-vaccination before I knew the danger. I am very protective of her. When she was young, she had allergies that made her itch a lot. That stopped after I changed her diet. She eats well, but is not overweight. I wish more people would feed their beloved pets 'real' food and stop buying that commercial garbage for them. Pet food companies--no matter what they advertise--are in business for only one reason: profit. The more junk they put in their pet 'food', the more money they keep!

      Voted Up+++