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My Sweet Little Rescue Dog

Updated on January 30, 2016

She was just a sweet little thing, she was a mix of Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier with jet black eyes. I can still remember the day we went to pick her up at the apartment of a older couple who were breeding their dogs in a tiny city apartment . When we walked in there the smell was stifling and there were close all over the floor and more flies in there than outside . They told us that she was the runt of the litter and her mother would not feed her, they said they had been trying to feed her hotdogs but she would not eat them . That’s not surprising to me seeing that she is only eight weeks old, I think a little dog food would have been better than a hotdog . At this point I knew I had to get this dog out of this apartment, and I wish I could have taking all of the dogs out of there but just couldn’t .

On the way home I told my dad that I would give her a good bath because she did smell and she also had little scabs on her back . I have a showering attachment that goes onto the faucet that will able you to regulate the water so it won’t be to hot or cold . I was now ready to give my puppy her first bath . Has soon has the water hit her she screamed bloody murder and began shaking and fighting me, it took all I had just to give her a bath . I could not believe how strong this little dog was, after her bath she shook for hours but not from being cold but out of fear.

This is what we believe happen and the doctor that examined her after we told him what happen when trying to give her a bath, had said that something traumatized her to show that kind of fear towards water, and we think that this old couple seeing that this dog was not eating or being feed by her mother thought it would be better to kill her out right than watch her waste away slowly . We think they tried to drown her but she put up such a fight that it wore then out and they could not finish what they tried to do . We found out three month later that their apartment had been condemned by the state and all their dog were taken away from them and they were fined for keeping dogs in such a filthy apartment . I think people like that should not be allowed to own any pets.


I found that my little dog who we called Pumpkin was a bit of a daredevil , instead of climbing the three stairs on our back porch she would take a running start and jump the three steps and land on the porch, but this would one day come back to bite her. One cold winter day she tried her daredevil stunt but just has she went to jump her back legs slipped on some ice and in midair her body turned and she hit her back on the middle stair, my heart sunk has I watch her tumble down the stairs, she was able to get up on her legs but when she tried to take a step she would fall down. When we took her to the animal hospital  they found a disk in her back had been injured and we had to leave her there, the doctor said he would do everything he could for her but if that did not work she would need a operation which would cost $5,000 . We did visit her a few times to see how she was doing and at the end of two week the doctor called and said we could bring our dog home now that she was better and could walk again. When we got home I let her free in the yard, she was so happy to be home that she ran around the house like a greyhound in a race, but for a very long time she would not even try to climb those stairs she would just stay at the foot of those stairs and bark when she wanted to come in the house.

She loved to play out in the yard and I had a old slightly deflated soccer ball which I would kick up in the air and she would jump up and catch in her mouth and than she would bring it back to me to do it all over again , She loved to be outside and enjoyed long walks and her favorite things to do was lay in the sun on the driveway in the summertime and play with her best friend Tanya . She was a very happy go lucky dog that enjoy her life and play time, she was a very playful, friendly and loving dog and a very faithful friend. She never got over her fear of water, she was a little calmer when I gave her baths but she still shook and cried . Two years ago on the week of her 16th birthday she peacefully past away in her sleep, my little sweet rescue dog Pumpkin had come to the end of her life.

My dog Tanya and I missed her a lot but I had no idea that my dog Tanya would really take it hard, the first three days after Pumpkin died Tanya would sit at the door crying and when I let her out she would run around the yard looking for her friend Pumpkin . The worse part though was Tanya had now stopped eating, and I could not get her to eat anything, she would just drink water and that’s it. I had to get forceful and took Tanya and sat her on a chair and feed her with a spoon, but she was not having none of that and spit it out on the floor. It took a while to just get one meal a day in her, I had to start to force feed her or I would lose her to. Little by little I was able to get Tanya to eat more and more and by the end of three months she was eating on her own . For all the people who think dogs don’t have personalities or feelings you may want to rethink that .


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