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My Dog Titan - A Blue Heeler

Updated on March 14, 2024
Eileen Hughes profile image

Pets need you to keep them safe, so protect them whenever you can.

Waiting for the ball to be thrown

My dog Titan is now six years old, and we love him because....

This story started when our son wanted a dog. He asked us if he could have one and we did not want another dog. He had had so much bad luck with his dogs in the past.

He had a Bull Terrier, which was a complete rebel. We could not keep him in our yard even though we had a six-foot fence. He would either climb on something and jump over or dig under no matter what we did.

He escaped once and had the local police sergeant up on his desk, because he thought being a bulldog, he would bite him.

He entered the emergency section of the hospital, and had everyone running in the opposite direction.

He managed to chase and kill some chooks in a back yard.

Another time he had fun racing about on the football oval chasing it everywhere, in the end some (motor)-bikies grabbed it and took him home with them.

He drank some of their beer and spilt much more. They were so glad when we went to claim him. That was just a few of his exploits.

We eventually let him live with another family on a farm because he liked to explore and our son did not have the time and attention the dog needed.


Our son promised to look after this one. Eventually we agreed so he could have it. He was such a beautiful pup. Yes, looks can be deceiving; he ate all the cushions from our cane lounge chairs, dug holes, got into every conceivable thing possible. Because of our son's job, he could not take him to work with him because the boss's dog thought he belonged to our son. He resented him taking another dog out on the property. In addition, he ripped into Titan, so he stayed home with us after that.

After that, I took over his training and took him to obedience training. We learned so many things together. Between my husband and myself we have taught him to bring in the paper, we lift the lid on the letterbox and he carries in the mail.

When we go shopping, he stands up to the boot of the car waiting for us to give him something to carry into the house. He can even carry a loaf of bread in, although occasionally the devil takes over and he gives it a shake. You can guess what happens to the bread. When we are outside in the garden, he even lets us know when the phone is ringing.

We say to him find my shoes, he races off and brings one in , then we say get the other one, off he goes and most times he gets the matching one. He knows all his toys by name. Every morning he sneaks up on our bed, even though, he starts off at night on his bed on the floor.

He loves the beach, and enjoys chasing a ball into the ocean. Although he likes to bury it sometimes in the sand, digging holes everywhere.

He has been poisoned twice, had an infected large lump removed from his neck. My son threw a stick on the beach one day, and he raced after it like a bull at a gate and it stuck in his throat.

Therefore, his life has been full of mischief and adventure. We love him so much, and to us, he is the best friend we have ever had. We love him and his great companionship. Even all our friends love him.

Dog Not Pee Here Spray

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Gone but Never Forgotten

We had Titan for fourteen wonderful years And like all good doggies he was called to heaven.

We still miss him 9 years later

© 2007 Eileen hughes


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