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Nubian Goat Gestation and Due Date Calculation

Updated on July 15, 2011

Nubian goat keeping takes more precise understanding of their estrus cycle if you plan to breed. Nubian goats do not have a seasonal breeding or estrus cycle like many other dairy goats. Instead, they can breed year round. Although Nubian goats have a normal goat gestation of 145 to 155 days, their erratic cycle can make estimating a Nubian doe’s due date difficult. And since some will appear pregnant with well-developed utters and a lack of estrus (heat), these signs are not always helpful in determining if a doe is even pregnant. You may need to combine several techniques to get an estimate of your Nubian doe’s due date.

Standard Method of Calculating a Goat’s Due Date

Determine when your Nubian goat was most likely to have been in estrus and was bred with a male. Signs of estrus according include excessive bleating noises, tail flapping, swollen and red vulva, and vaginal discharge. Count 145 to 155 days or 20.5 to 22 weeks (a normal goat gestation) on a calendar from the first day of estrus and breeding date. This gives you a ten-day window of when your Nubian goat should give birth. More exact due dates are not possible as the gestation will vary with each individual goat.

Goat Pregnancy Test

Perform an estrone sulfate pregnancy test on your doe’s milk or urine if you are unsure of when your doe was in estrus. If the test is negative, repeat it in one week. At 40 to 50 days into a pregnancy, the test becomes positive. If the test is positive, you have a very rough estimate of the due date being 1 to 115 days from the date of a positive pregnancy test. Contact your veterinarian for the test.


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