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Oil Spill and Government's Lack Of Action

Updated on May 15, 2010

Obama's Abuse of Power

Obama said we will be sending SWAT Teams to the oil rigs to inspect the Operations. Why SWAT Teams, you ask? The Media is so nonchalant about the President's abuse of power it is sickening. Dept. of Interior SWAT Teams you ask. Me TOO! What then hell is he sending SWAT Teams anywhere? Is this taken from a Chavez playbook?

Let's focus on what is going on in the country right in front of our backs. Obama is trying to Socialize America so fast our heads are spinning. He is always going to use all the available resources to take care of anything. The Dept. of Interior does not have, as a rule have armed SWAT Teams or do they. Remember when Obama said we can not depend on uniform police only. He told the truth. My guess is he has armed SWAT Teams in place all over the Country. His abuse of power is enormous and no one is saying a thing. You don't send SWAT Teams to inspect an Oil Rig unless you are going to confiscate or seize important records not inspect Oil Rigs. Swat Teams are not inspectors they are law enforcers. Can anyone explain this move. It's just another move toward Socialism done through the backdoor, which Obama is so good at coming through.

Rahm Emanuel said, "a crisis presents an opportunity" and I think Obama is not going to let this one slip by. He called the Oil spill and "Event". He says all leases going forward will have safeguards in place. My question is why did this specific well not and how about the others in the area. The government agency in charge of overseeing the rigs, the Minerals Management Service was caught up in a scandal several years ago taking sex for favors and the like. Why were the problems not corrected at that time? Like anything else run by the government. They are going to pocket all the cash and perks that they can until the well runs dry.

Obama said in his candidate run that offshore drilling was against the environment and would not provide families with any relief and he would not allow any off shore drilling. After elected as you know he said he would expand the horizons of off shore drilling around Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

Do this, don't do that, I will, I won't, yes, no, swat teams, czars, save save you money while I spend government ( tax dollars ) money like water and borrow from China. I don't know about you but this guy is driving me crazy.



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