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Old Black Spanish Turkeys

Updated on November 6, 2014

Turkeys can not eat medicated feed.

I buy game bird feed for my turkeys. They are hard to raise due to a variety of illnesses. I bought my turkeys from Crackle hatchery in Missouri. It is a good idea to have Terra Vet on hand to give to the baby turkeys if any sign of illness appears. The hatchery from where the turkeys are ordered will have valuable advice on how to raise turkeys. I lost half of what I ordered. I found helpful articles on the web also.

My Black Spanish Turkeys

These are pictures of my turkeys. I started raising them in 2013.
These are pictures of my turkeys. I started raising them in 2013. | Source

When babies first arrived.

Turkeys flock together.

Adult turkeys.

They love to be let out of the pen to eat grass and bugs. Old Black Spanish turkeys can fly up into trees. They roost off the ground.

Egg production.

They lay well. The eggs are very tasty and are a light brown with dark specks. They do not have as strong of taste as other eggs. They fit in a grade A extra large chicken egg container. It is not always possible to put the lid down. Old Black Spanish turkeys are great layers and sitters.

The Mother Turkeys Are Wonderful

These turkeys like to be out in the grass. They eat clover and like to eat insects.


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