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Once Again the Famous Salt River Wild Horse Herd Has Come Under Fire!

Updated on January 20, 2020

Don't Fence Me In...Or Out!

Monday, 13 January the Forest Service said it would begin construction of a metal fence on the Salt River. Officials said the fence is needed to keep the wild horses off the Bush Hiway. In the past, there have been several accidents resulting from the wild horses crossing the road and horses have lost their lives. Not to mention the property damage. But the real problem seems to be that this fence will prevent the wild horses from traveling to where they always have..And will limit their habitat greatly. Wild horse advocates say they would like to see a livestock overpass built over the highway to accommodate the wild animals.


Having the fence would be fine... but!

The forestry department is in charge of building the fence along the Bush highway. However, the fence will be cutting off part of the wild horse habitat. In other words, the horses couldn't get across the road..And getting to the water. The logical step would be to build a wildlife bridge across Bush Highway. This has been done in other places and it works. For instance, Australia had a similar problem with Kangaroo. They built a passage UNDER the highway. Problem solved. No Fence/

A passage under the highway.In Australia the problem is the Roos. Utilizing these under road passages keeps the Kangaroo somewhat away from the roads.


Fences are fine for farm livestock. Not so much as in the above video for horses!

I was raised a farm boy. Fences are fine for Cattle, Sheep, and the like, but you never use barbed wire for horses. Always board fences. Horses tend to rub and try to run a fence just because it is their nature. Boards are easier to see than thin barbed wire and sooner or later they will get caught or cut with barbed wire. The same goes for the gates. Wooden boards. It's just common sense.

Everyones mind on the same page... safety for all.

While I believe the Forestry Service may have the wild horses well being in mind, it seems to me this has not been fully thought out. Here in this instance, you are combining wild horses with people coming and going all along the river. The Forestry people have stated there will be numerous gates if you will, for everyone to get back and forth through the fence. There is also a lot of recreational events such as Tubing here. That's fine, but what happens when a curious horse decides to follow the passer-by through the gate? He is going to end up along the roadway, possibly, right where they weren't supposed to be. Horses are smart and curious. It's bound to happen sooner or later. One part of the fence is to be wire, the other part metal slats. I believe an overpass, or underpass would work out better... my opinion.

This is just one of many wildlife overpasses in use today.


Wildlife overpasses are becoming more and more prevalent all over the world.

The above is just one of many different styles of wildlife overpasses in use today There are many different types in use depending on the area they are in. These overpasses can accommodate more than just wildlife. They can be used by State and local governments for just about anything where you don't want to interrupt the flow of traffic. Loggers moving back and forth, oil people, park rangers the list goes on. The cost to build is unknown, but if it saves one life, it is worth the cost to build.

Government officials, wild horse advocates, engineers, the battle is comming!

I'm sure before it is over, there will be much said by all that are involved in the final decision. But it all comes down to a fence. Will it be or not. There are good reasons for, and good reasons against it. Who will win? One thing is certain. However it ends, I am sure everyone has the same thing in for all. Safety for motorists, safety for the wild horses, and safety for the people coming and going. And that is what it is all about. Safety.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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