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Organic Dog Food For Roxie

Updated on March 19, 2011

Roxie Loves Her Dog Food

Roxie loves food . . . all food, any food.
She is a black and tan Chihuahua who has suffered many comments about her weight. She is not obese, but she has a few extra pounds that have prompted observers to actually question her breed. We've even had a stern-faced vet assistant reprimand us for causing her legs to suffer undo stress. 

These are all valid comments, and our entire family have made concerted efforts to ease the pressure on Roxie's slender ankles. Now, this sweet girl can certainly be a couch potato when allowed to, but, she also truly enjoys an afternoon on the go. The obvious is that she is not expending as many calories as she is taking in.

With the ugly news taken care of, we move on to her favorite topic which is food. She has agreed that her informational article would stress the aspects of healthy food vs. the human food she wishes she were still getting. There are so many tasty choices for dog food and dog treats, that there is really no reason for giving our pets anything than what is best for them.

You can see another nice picture of Roxie at the end of this article.


Roxie Chihuahua
Roxie Chihuahua
Organic Dog Treats
Organic Dog Treats

Organic Dog Food Options Are Available

It's not surprising that with the popularity of organic foods for humans, that there would soon be the same great option for our dog companions.  We love our pets, and certainly want the very best health for them, so offering organic food is a good thing to consider.

Do keep in mind that although organic dog food is beneficial for your dog, it is not always a low-calorie diet, so be sure to read the directions carefully and only provide the recommended feeding amounts.  And, the same goes for treats; these can be a wonderful way to show your buddy love, to aid in training, and also to help clean teeth, but keep in mind the calories you are adding to their daily calories.

Organic Dog Toys

Dog toys encourage exercise, and provide an opportunity for interaction between dogs and their beloved owners.

Our pets suffer from the same toxins in our environments that we do, and providing them with toys made from organic materials is another way to  optimize your pets health.  They will thank you with lots of tag wagging and energetic licking!


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    • lindajot profile image

      lindajot 6 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon

      Yep - the weather has already gotten us out as well. I'm happy to report that Roxie, as well as her sis Taloo have both lost close to two pounds. I'd love to see a pic of Aunt Baby!

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      Thanks, Linda... I am going to try some of these snacks for my AUNT BABY~~ I admit I get the evil eye from my Vet and we do struggle with our girl's weight a bit. So glad we are back into nice walking weather...! Roxie is a dollbaby~~ what a face!

    • lindajot profile image

      lindajot 7 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon

      I guess there are those with fast metabolisms, and those with slow, just like us. My two are definately not hyper. I love your dogs pic!

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 7 years ago from USA

      We have medium sized dogs, but it is always a battle to keep their weight down even if we have them on a constant diet. Your dog is a cutie.

    • lindajot profile image

      lindajot 7 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon

      Your comment is very sweet - thank you !

    • happydogs profile image

      happydogs 7 years ago from Treasure Coast, Florida

      Roxie is so cute!