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Orthopedic Dog Beds

Updated on August 30, 2009

Orthopedic beds are fabulous for humans, so why not try one out for your pooch? If you've got a dog with joint pain or other physical issues, an orthopedic dog bed could make a huge difference for them. And even if you've got a sprightly, healthy young dog who hasn't got any issues of that nature, he or she could still benefit from a bed that ensures they are getting enough support in all the right places. Dogs with arthritis, dogs with hip dysplasia, dogs recovering from surgery, dogs recovering from injury, etc. will greatly appreciate having a bed that fully supports their body from head to toe. They are a bit more expensive than your average dog bed but your dog is worth it! And he will be very grateful that you thought so! There are several high quality orthopedic dog beds available these days -- take a look at the models below and see which one best suits your pooch.

OrthoCare Pet Bed

Pet Goods makes their OrthoCare Pet Bed in 3 sizes; small, medium and large. The bed is made of dual-density foam and has a machine washable fleece cover. This type of bed is perfect for large dogs whose weight wouldn't ordinarily be supported by cheaper dog beds and it comes highly recommended by those with dogs experiencing hip dysplasia or arthritis. Make sure you select the correct size, as the one shown is a small.

K&H Memory Sleeper

I'm quite fond of K&H as they make numerous high quality dog and cat products. The K&H memory sleeper is yet another! It comes in three sizes with a removable cover you can put in the wash. Made from space age memory foam, it's a brilliant way to care for doggie joints while they relax or sleep. Comes with a one year warranty.

Cesar Milan Orthopedic Napper

Cesar Milan's orthopedic napper dog bed is covered with a gorgeous, breathable "microtec" material that your dog will adore. It's soft and supple to the touch and they will find it very much enjoyable to sleep on. The bed itself is made of several layers: an orthopedic pad layer, a layer of comfort fill and a gel comfort layer for snuggly softness. And the bottom of the bed won't move around if your dog tosses and turns! The cover zips on and off and can be put in the washing machine on laundry day.


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