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Our wounder wildlife

Updated on June 16, 2010
you decide,preserves, natural death
you decide,preserves, natural death

World Cup scares off hunters in South Africa

    In response to the headlines and a little lite for me but newsworthy.

There's no difference in hunting in America or Africa.The libs don't support it with money or cleanup efforts.

We have not build the great reserves of animals because we just like to watch them grow, it just doesn't happen that way.If you really want to help take your kid to a range and let him or her enjoy the shoot the sounds and smells. Just maybe you will enjoy it to.

Many people that support the American wildlife also do it through their local range fees and contributions to NRA and other organizations. you don't have to kill anything but time.

Give your kids a shot at this and just maybe they will shot a 22 instead of shooting drugs.

Short paragraph but to the point. If you watched the headlines in South Africa lately, there having some kind of silly game there where lots of people that come from all over the world and spend lots of money., it's not my gig but I surly support the efforts and the boost to the African economy.

I'm being facetious about the game of course but to the point is all about the money. This event only happens only once for South Africa.

The new article would have you believe that evil American hunters and some some from other European countries as well. These are people like you and me except they may have saved a lifetime to make this hunt. After the hunt the trophy is all that these people can take back to their home country. The meat is distributed to the local people witch is a boost to them.

It always annoys me how the average person can form an opinion so fast by looking at a headline. Weather it is the BP oil spill that was an accident no mater how you look at it to the hurricanes that ravished the lands in the past years.

Africa's main economy is the hunts and what the people bring to Africa.Their economy isn't like ours in America at all. The Animals belong to the land owners all over Africa. It is a resource that is guarded like the cattle farmers in the west. The owners of these great reserves cultivate the wild animals like corn they feed care fore the animals . Not all hunting is done with magnum rifles most are done with Canon or other high dollar cameras. We all enjoy the wildlife movies from Africa as well. They have a real problem with poachers just killing for the valuable tusk's from the great Elephant to the skins of the slinky massive cats. When this happens no one wins.

I hope we can all agree that the world revolves around economy of our personal household to the government that we support to keep us safe. The story is all about the humble life style and economy of the South African people. Before you judge again bother to inform yourself just a little bit about the source of the story. It's so much like every thing we read about in this country, take it with a grain of salt until you know the facts of the story to be true yourself.


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  • PhoenixV profile image

    PhoenixV 7 years ago from USA

    Great hub