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Owning A Betta

Updated on March 24, 2015

Bettas are very popular fish, they are known for their beauty. But there are some very big misconceptions about bettas that people don't realize before they get one. I have had bettas since I was very young, my grandmother used to raise and sell them. I have made a list of some things you should know before purchasing a betta.

  • They should not be kept in a vase with the plant at the top. They can not live off these plants and all they do is absorb a lot of the oxygen the fish needs. The vase also is something that can cause a lot of stress to the fish. The shape is very odd and not what a fish should be kept in.
  • They need one gallon of water per fish. This is the amount that they will be safe and have plenty of room in.
  • They only need about three little betta pellets a day. Do not overfeed them that will make more mess to clean up for you.
  • Regardless of what you read, do NOT put bettas together. They are a fish that does best on its own.

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Bettas are a beautiful fish, but are often mistreated. If you are thinking of buying a betta please keep these things in mind. They are very clean and gorgeous, one of the prettiest fish in the world.

Just remember whatever pet you are getting, please treat it right.



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