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Owning A Pet Can Change Your Life

Updated on December 29, 2009
Owning a pet can change your life for the better.
Owning a pet can change your life for the better.

Do you know that a pet can change your life!

Do you feel stressed , lonely and sad. Do you feel that no one in the world knows what your going through. If so there's a new therapeutic method that you can try that works for a lot of people and that is owning a pet. A happy dog that greets you with a happy bark a the door or a big orange cat rubbing your legs is a great way to come home. And they do feel a void that most people find they have in their life from time to time. Sure they can't carry on a conversation with you but they can fill a void with companionship that you will treasure for years.

Keep in mind that I find that dogs are more independent than cats while cats like to feel that your their staff waiting on them. And most of us went through the phase when we were kids where we begged and pleaded for a dog but our parents wouldn't hear it. Well guess what? Now you can have that dog or cat and if you choose carefully you'll end up with a great friend for years to come.

Imagine having a great friend to tell all your troubles to at the end of the day. If its Fluffy or Fido laying there listening you can even tell them about how rude your girlfriend was to your mother the other night and guess what they won't get mad and spill the beans on you the first time they get mad. But warning don't try this if your new best friend is a parrot.

A Pet is for Life - Choosing your Dog

Be sure that you have time for a pet no matter what pet you choose. Your new friend if it's a dog will need to be walked at odd hours and you'll have to provide Fido with food , water , and some care. In return he will give you love and affection. If your looking at a cat you'll need to provide and clean his litter box and he or she will need regular food and water. Cats are really less trouble than a dog but some people just want a dog and a cat just won't do.And other people may have their heart set on a cat. Either way learn everything possible about cats and or dogs and always consider adopting a shelter dog or cat if possible.

But by having any living breathing animal you are making a long term commitment to your new friend so think carefully when your choosing that new pet. Goldfish are even nice for some people but you won't have a snuggle buddy with a goldfish. I really think I look as forward to coming home to my cat every night as he does. He meets me at the door with a demanding meow and straight to the kitchen he goes. And as soon as he hears the can opener turn on he turns into one of the happiest animals you have ever seen. And when he comes in the bedroom later and curls up beside me on the bed I know that I am loved. And I've told him all my deepest darkest secrets and so far he hasn't told on me.

Consider A Cat or Dog from your local animal shelter as your new best friend.

When your choosing a cat or a dog make sure that you know the animal well before you make a purchase. If its possible in your area why not choose a shelter dog or cat. By choosing a shelter dog or cat you'll be providing a home to an unwanted animal and you will be getting a great friend in return. So if you're thinking of getting a cat or a dog please visit your local animal shelter. Be sure to watch the video on this page about shelter dogs and cats.

Simons Cat Wants Dinner

Shelter Animals (mainly dogs and cats)

Are you thinking about a getting a pet? Why not post your comments , tips , suggestions and questions below.

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    • profile image

      hana 7 years ago


      i am thinking about getting a pet. any suggestions?

    • profile image

      zachary 8 years ago

      i have two cats and they are very lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)