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Owning a Pug: A Little Picky Pet

Updated on December 19, 2011
A picture of myself and my wonderful pug
A picture of myself and my wonderful pug | Source

Owning a pug or a chinese pug can be a very fun and exciting time for both you and your pet. There are a few things that you might want to know about prior to aquiring your first pug. Some of the health related items and some are behavior related.

Recently I became the proud owner of Pugsey my very first pug dog ever. He is cute as you can see in the photo to the right. There are few things that I have noticed that I would like to bring to the attention of others who are thinking of adding a chinese pug to their family. Keep reading for more information.

Eating habits of pugs are different to say the least. They do not like to eat the dog food that you would think they should. Pugsey came with a bag of dry food when a friend decided that she could no longer give him the love and care that he required. He stuck his nose up at and the battle began. I went out and purchased Ol' Roy Soft and Meaty from Walmart. He ate a bit of it and decided it wasn't for him. I was at an impasse. I had no idea what to do next, couldn't let him starve.

I work at Walmart as a stocker. I like to refer to myself as a replenishment engineer. Well last night I was stocking the shelves and this lady came in and bought 5 cans of Vienna Sausages and said that she had to get her dog food. After a bit of idle conversation I found out that she also has a Pug. I asked a few questions and she feeds her pug 3 sausages and a can of Ceasars Dog food a day. I decided I would try it. Come to find out that Pugsey loves the Ceasars and Sausages. Now I have to find a treat because he stuck his nose up at Bacon Flavored Crunch and Clean.

Here is some sound advice from one pug lover and owner to those who are also owners or are thinking of becoming one. First find the food that your new pet will love. Here is what I have recently started doing. I purchase Beneful and it is a bit pricey but I leave the food in the dish for two days. Pugsey will eventually give in and start to eat. Always keep fresh water. I like to change the water 3 times daily. I would not want to drink water that was sitting around for hours.

Enjoy the licking because its part of their nature. Play fetch and take them for walks often. My pet and myself take 2 walks daily. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. About 30 to 45 minutes each. If you can not spend this much time walking, then just get out for about 1 hour each day. Pugsey loves going for walks. You can tell because he will actually spin when I get the leach ready. Remember to always use a harness when walking. This puts less stress on your pet and prevents pulling.

There are other tips and advice out there. You can find all you want to know by joining or reading posts in this pug club. I have not joined yet, but do plan on it soon. Enjoy your pet and he or she will return the favor with all kinds of love.


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