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Updated on June 4, 2011

Intuitive Horses ...

Animal Meditation - Psychic Communication

Meditation has two purposes. It centers our minds upon the spirit within and helps us to stay calm, loving and creative. It gives us access to the infinite Universal wisdom to enable us to receive whatever information or guidance you may seek. Meditation is linked to psychic abilities and with practice we are able to access our personal inner truths aswell as infinite information, knowledge and wisdom. Meditation is a quiet period in which you have a private session with spirit. Meditative guidance always comes as loving suggestions in response to your questions, problems and/or issues. There are many different ways to meditate, and you will intuitively know which method is right for you.

We are able to meditate with our horses and use this time, focus and energy to cleanse, protect and whitelight ourselves and them, whilst forging a psychic connection and bond with them. Being spiritual beings, horses are intuned with the higher realms, earth and Universal energies and their own finely tuned instincts and intuitions.

A simple way to meditate, whitelight and connect with your horse is to simply close your eyes and imagine yourself stepping into a giant sieve. Starting at your feet slowly pull the sieve upwards along your entire body. Draw it all the way over the top of your head. Imagine that this sieve collects all the negative energies, releasing all your stress and tension as you pull it along your body. Picture the energy that collects in your sieve, then empty it into a giant imaginary rubbish bin.

Repeat this process as many times as it takes until the sieving is relatively easy and you feel lighter in all ways.

Then imagine a big ball of pure white light above you. Draw the white light, down through your entire body, flowing along in a great river of the purest of pure white light, filling you up from your feet to the top of your head. Imagine this white light going into each and every cell of your body.

When every bit of you is all filled up with white light, the light bursts out of the top of your head and surrounds the space around you with white light. The white light is warm, safe and protecting. It also opens you up to psychic impressions and communication.

When you feel ready, begin to imagine sieving your horse in the same way.

Imagine a huge sieve appearing underneath him then pull it up and along his whole body – from his nose to his tail or from his feet to his ears, whatever feels most comfortable for you both. Imagine the sieve collecting all the negative stress and tension from his body, mind and spirit, then draw the bright white light into him through the top of his head. Fill him up with the river of white light from his hooves to the tips of his ears. When every cell of his body is filled with white light, it will burst out the top of his head and surround him with white light too.

Take some of the white light and make a connection from your third eye to your horse’s third eye with it, then use that connection to find the quiet place in his mind. Practice this over and over. You are then able to hear your horse in words or pictures or in ideas, thoughts or impressions. You can sit for hours connecting to your horse’s quiet mind until you can hear them, or you can connect to them for a number of short periods of time to achieve the same result. Different people do things differently and there are no rules. Just do what is most comfortable for you and your horse.

Remember though, to always be ‘Grateful’. Be grateful for the connection your horse allowed you to experience with him as it is a very precious gift indeed.

Joanne  Sacred Scribes


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