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Pedipaws for Dogs Review

Updated on March 18, 2012

Why do Dogs Hate Nail Trims?

When it comes to trimming dog nails, many dog owners are intimidated up to a point of bringing their dogs to their veterinarian or dog groomer just to avoid this annoying procedure. Most owners seem to be concerned about hurting their dog or not being able to do a good job. They also fear that their dogs will not be able to sit nicely for the procedure or worse struggle, causing the procedure to become unsafe.

Not to mention, the risk of over trimming the nails causing extensive bleeding. Just one bad experience as such may leave a bad stigma for any future nail trims. Dogs have an area in their nails called a "quick". This is a point over which you do not want to cut. Quicks may not be clearly visible in dogs with dark nails or if you are in a dark room. Fortunately should that instance occur, the bleeding can be stopped effectively by packing the affected nail with some flour. The flour will stop the bleeding and allow the blood to clot.

Many dogs interestingly, dislike the clipping noise produced by the clippers. According to applied animal behaviorist, Patricia McConnell in her article 'The Nail Wars", indeed many dogs start accepting nail trims better once they become deaf! This because they have learned to associate the sound with something unpleasant. Not to mention, most dogs do not like to feel restrained as they often feel trapped.

How to Make Nail Trims Pleasurable Again

Luckily, now there is a new revolutionary product that should be able to help owners regain control of their dogs and successfully trim their dog's nails by their own. This will also help owners save a significant amount of money since most dogs may require frequent nail trimmings especially those not exercised enough or senior.

Dogs with long nails may get injured easily and their paws may become slightly deformed as their toes become splayed. Some may also develop balance problems and even begin to limp.This new revolutionary product is called Pedipaws, and it just recently was put on the market. Pedipaws works by gently filing the nail quickly and safely. Dogs will not feel pain, as this filer does not cut but rather, it rounds the nail so that it will no longer cause scratches or get tangled in carpets or upholstery.

Requiring only 2 "CC" alkaline batteries, Pedipaws can be taken anywhere: on vacation, on a walk or at the beach. Its size fits all, from Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards. Pedipaws is practical and economical in the long run. The product will cost you just about the same price it costs to take your dog for one nail trim appointment.

The old days of floors and furniture scratches are over. Dogs and owners now can enjoy each other without the frustration of having couches shredded or frequent vet visits to keep the nails short. Fortunately, this small tool has revolutionized the dog/owner bond allowing pets and owners to come to a compromise: less damaged homes and happier pets!

Want to Train Your Dog to Love Nail trims? Try "Clipper training your dog to love nail trims".


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