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How To Change Guitar Strings with Persian Cats

Updated on September 27, 2014

Persian Guitar Center - Persian Cats Playing Guitar

How do you change guitar strings? Find out how to change classical guitar strings here - actually, changing your strings is so easy even a Persian cat can do it! Over my career as a guitarist and teacher I have lost count how many strings I have changed, so this page shows how to change guitar strings and let's have fun with some fantastic furballs on the way!

As the Dire Straits song says "Anyone can play guitar!"

Do you really have to shift those microwave ovens?

Those refrigeray-ay-ay-ay-ters?

Why you gotta move them colour TVs?

Why indeed? This is not a lens about a new and exotic guitar style, nor is is a search engine that has nothing to do with either Persian Cats or Guitar playing (or even the best of Persian guitar playing).

In this lens, The Persimews show you an alternative way of life to all that sweat and graft.

Along the way you might just learn how to change a guitar string with a feline audience participating. Just good fun! Enjoy....

All photos used here are my own and should not be copied.

How to change a guitar string. Threading a guitar string

A Persian Guitar Star Is Born - Pulling No Strings

It all started when Mummy Persimew had to restring a guitar for James. Here she shows how to thread the string at the bottom....

...and Wind It Round and Round

(No strings attached)

....and Tie It Off....

How to change guitar strings

Phew that's hot work! I think I'll take my jacket off!

The Persians became curious about guitar strings

Cats love guitar strings as well as twine

First Dolcippi arrived on the scene and said "Mum, what are you doing?"

The Persian Cat watched carefully

and cats love twang!

Why was mum poking a shiny string into a little hole on a piece of wood? Hmmm.... very interesting

What happened next was even stranger....

Basement cat bemused....

Mummy poked the string with one hand while she turned a little white plastic thing round and round. She said it was to keep the string windings neat. Well, I ask you! Who in their right mind cares if string is neat?

Hey Guys Take A Look At This!

Get down and rock baby!

She put the guitar down again and started to make a string come loose. I had to see what was happening. Where was Mew? Hey! Take a look over here!

Hair On The G String

Cats change guitar strings???

Mew came to see what all the fuss was about....

What Gives?

Tuning pegs - one of life's great mysteries...

She's doing that neat thing with the white bits again guys! Why does she keep turning them round? WEIRD!!!

D for Delightful?

Persian cats being delightful

She was changing the D string, so she said. Why do these humans give names to string. Very odd!!! We had to help of course.... We were sweet and delightful!

D is for Doubt? Persians Poke the Guitar

Doubt poking it will help it stay tuned!

There was no doubt that Mummy was having a tough time with this D string thingy, so we helped her keep it under control.

Bad string! Poke, poke!!!

D is for Discipline!

Disciplined ranks of persian cats

It took three of us to get this D thing disciplined so Mummy could tie it and wind it up neatly like the others. Silly Mummy - why wind up string anyway?

D is for Determined - Persian Cats Play Guitar

Determined to succeed in music!

When she had finished I wondered why all the strings were so tight. Mummy made them ping! I was determined to have a go too!

D is for Dolcippi!!!

Dolcippi, the latest guitar Goddess!

You might get a little blister on your finger....

You might get a blister on your thumb....

I play with my teeth just like Jimi Hendrix.

Gotta watch I don't blister my tongue!

D is also for Dire Straits

...and Dozing of course

A great band, Dire Straits, and I hope they won't mind my little joke with their lyrics. This started out as a simple string changing lens using James' guitar. Then Persimews came to join in again and it became something else!

No guitars were hurt during the making of this lens, and both Persimews are back to dozing as usual....

Persian Cat playing Guitar

Dire Straits

Just to make up for letting Dolcippi steal their song. Dire Straits was a great band, if you haven't heard them, give it a spin!

But before I doze off again, please leave a message. That way we get to know if there are any other Persimews who like Dire Straits! Thank you!!!


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