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Pet Care- Meet Zoey and Chloe

Updated on March 28, 2014

Another Kizzy Dream

Some of you may have read my article about losing my beloved dog, Kizzy. Kizzy was my dog of 15 years. I got her when she was 3 months old. She died the day after her 15th birthday. Late last summer, I dreamed about Kizzy for the first time since she died. She and I were playing and then she ran away from me. I followed her. When I found her around the corner, she was playing with several dogs. When they saw me, all the dogs started running toward me. Then I woke up.

The very next day, a friend text me that she was bringing me a surprise gift over the weekend. Eventually she shared that it was one of her breeded Minnie Jack puppies (Miniature Pinscher, Jack Russell mixes). She only had two left from the litter. We took both of them. I knew we would eventually get another dog, but two litter mate girls....we were not in our right mind.

Our litter mates are twins!
Our litter mates are twins! | Source

A Handful But We Love Them

We got the puppies when they were two months old. They are now almost 9 months and I'm just finding the time to write about them. They are full of energy, fun, lovable and probably the most cuddly dogs I've known. They love to sit in your lap and sleep. Oh yea, can they fight! They will each have the same treat, but want what the other one has. They go at it. Then a few minutes later when you look at them, one is licking the other, or one is laying on top of the other. Too Cute! Siblings!

Personality Traits Of Each Breed

If you are unfamiliar with the pros and cons of the personality of the Miniature Pinscher and Jack Russell, below is a table that identifies what each breed brings to the table.

Positive and Negative Traits Of Each Breed

Miniature Pinscher Positive Traits
Miniature Pinscher Negative Traits
Jack Russell Positive Traits
Jack Russell Negative Traits
Looks- like a tiny Doberman Pinscher
Destructive when bored
Natural looking and sturdy
Destructive when bored
Moves quickly with quick, prancing gait
Escape attempts and runs away
Energetic, athletic
Chasing Instincts
energetic, busy, athletic, agile,
Strong willed- mind of her own
Extremely alert
Digging holes
Feisty and assertive
Difficult housebreaking
Highly trainable
Keen watchdog
Keen Watchdog


After reading the personality traits, I'm sure you will agree that not only do we have twins that look alike, the two breeds have identical personalities. What does that mean? DOUBLE hyperactivity!

Don't get me wrong. We love our babies! We wouldn't have it any other way. They are so much fun, cute, and a great addition to our home. But one thing I do know, if we ever get another dog, we will make sure that are already adults. The potty training has been hard on us older adults. In addition, we had a horrible winter. The weather put a damper on outside training.

Before you go, take some time to watch the babies play with their toys in this home video. You will surely smile at the new additions to our family.

Playtime with the girls!


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