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Pet Friendly Hotel Chains

Updated on August 3, 2009

Eager to bring your pets along?


While boarding pets or having a family member take care of them are valuable options when it comes to vacationing, often pet owners find it difficult to leave their pets behind and opt to bring their pets along for the ride. This option is often a great one, especially when it comes to canines, which often appear to enjoy the trip, and often this choice ends up being even quite convenient, compliments to various hotel chains that have become more and more pet friendly.

While Fido or Snowball may care less about the Jacuzzi, the free HBO and the complimentary hot breakfast, when it comes to choosing a pet friendly hotel chain it is advisable to do your homework well to avoid last minute surprises. It is advisable therefore, to call in advance and check for space. Nothing is worse than finding that the pet friendly hotel is all booked up and you must drive an extra 130 miles or more for the next pet friendly hotel.

Following is a list of some pet friendly hotels all pet owners should keep handy when traveling with their four legged friends:

-Best Western

With over 1000 pet friendly hotels found in both the US and Canada, this ubiquitous hotel chain may be the ultimate solution to you. Their website offers a searchable database of their locations welcoming pets divided by State. Simply select your State and press search and you will be directed to a page where you may further select the city you are heading to. Most Best Western chains will require a non refundable deposit per night depending on the pet's size.

-Motel 6

This pet friendly hotel will allow one pet per room with no extra fees. They have some pet policies that must be followed. For instance, they do not want pets to be left alone in vacant rooms, dogs should be always leashed when out of the room on premises, rooms will not be cleaned with an unattended pet inside. For more information about such policies please read from the Motel 6 website.

-La Quinta

La Quinta is a pet friendly hotel chain that welcomes pets in its over 700 pet friendly nationwide hotels. Because La Quinta recognizes that most pets that travel with their owners are well groomed and well behaved they do not charge fees. For the a list of pet friendly hotels by this chain visit this extensive database divided by State.

-Red Roof Inn

This chain is glad to announce their pet friendly policies. They strive to keep owners of pets happy with no need for pets to spend the night in the car. They only allow one pet per room and the pet must never be left unattended. In order to be allowed in the hotel, the pet must be declared during registration. Pets are welcomed with no extra charges.

-Candlewood Suites

Only pets under 80 pounds are welcomed here. Proof of vaccination is required upon registering. They ask for a non refundable fee up to $150 dollars depending on the lenght of stay. Rooms are inspected upon checking out and pet owners are responsible for damages. More information about their pet policies may be found at their website.

These are only a few of the best pet friendly hotel chains. As more and more pet owners ask for pets to be welcomed, more and more hotel chains start to realize the importance of guests traveling with their pets.

Important Questions to Ask Upon Booking

  • Are pet s allowed?
  • How many pets are allowed per room?
  • Is there a fee?
  • Is proof of vaccination required?
  • What are your policies?


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    • afriqnet profile image

      Joe Njenga 5 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      Very useful for pet owners who like traveling with their pets. Voted Up