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Pet Funerals, Burials, Urns, and Caskets For Cats, Dogs and other pets

Updated on December 29, 2015

Funerals for pets

Pet caskets are the defined way to say goodbye to a treasured member of the family.

Dog or cat as well as other animal burials, give the dearly departed a dignified exit to the world, and an entrance into another.

Pet coffins may be Eco coffins and Eco urns made of paper and cardboard for green pet burials.

There is also a selection of typical wood pet burial caskets for sale, suitable for alternative sized dogs or other pets.

Burial ceremonies can be administered by pet owners, friends and family, or by ordained ministers who specialise in animal funerals.

Cremation is the most favoured departure method for household pets. Most cremations can be carried out through local veterinary surgeries.

Pet Urns


This memorial chest allows treasured possessions or the ashes / cremains of the pet to be kept inside.

The deep mahogany color is easily maintained and would take pride of place in almost any room.

The frontal slot allows for a 5 x 3.5 inch photo of the deceased pet to be displayed for all to see. This pet urn measures 7 inches in length, 5 inch wide and 5.5 inches in height.

Ideal as a constant reminder of a beloved animal.

AngelStar 5-Inch Pet Urn for Dog
AngelStar 5-Inch Pet Urn for Dog



This very lovely dog urn is a testament to a dog whose life has touched yours.

Delicate paw print simple pattern on top with a special poem on the side.

This is a beautiful urn for a missed canine. Intricate designs on the ivory color and a touching memorial to a loved pet.

An 85 cubic inch capacity with a 3 x 2 inch photograph holder. This dog urn has made hundreds of bereaved pet owner happier in their hour of sadness.

Beautifully hand crafted brass pet urn in a luxurious velvet pouch. A felt bottom prevents scratching surfaces and adds to the luxury of this item.

A screw top for simple use and the vase comes in the delicate Grecian design.

An elegantly styled pet urn for the more discerning owner and available in variant sizes for different breeds of dog. An exuberant urn for after cremations for the cremains to be held forever.

Please click on the smaller image for full selection available.


A fantastic keepsake for a loved cat. This gorgeous cat urn will be a constant reminder of a treasured companion and friend.

Beautifully detailed with intricate designs in an ivory color. A perfectly fitting and dignified way to remember a cat. Sturdy construction with a base that is screwed in for extra security.

A space for a photograph of the missed feline with dimensions of the casket being 8 x 2 x 2.5 inches (approximately)

An extremely intricately designed pet urn befitting any funeral. Exceptional craftsmanship to ensure a fitting memorial for any dog or cat.

A Tasteful cremation urn and a timeless classic pet urn with style and fitting the memory of a constant companion.

An unobtrusive size of 4 or 5.25 inch tall with a 45 and 80 cubic inch capacity. Sculptured from brass this beautiful urn will help the pet live on in memories for many more years.

Please click on the smaller images for full selection available.

Touched by an Angel

A Divine pewter and polyresin pet urn with a marble finish for a pet whom has been touched by an angel.

The angelic design is simply perfect to commemorate a deceased loved pet.

The pewter angel is indicative of the feelings between companions both alive and passed away.

Lovingly made and elegantly styled, declaring a fondness of someones passing.

Please click on the smaller images for full selection available.

Pet Caskets

Pet funerals and burials are a sombre event. The companionship between a person and their pet is more than just a passing, it lasts an eternity.

This luxurious handmade pet casket consists of a soft almond velvet interior with matching pillow.

Comprising of high quality handles and latch for securing the lid.

Dimensions: Length 32", Depth 16", height 12" for medium sized dogs.

A majestic pet coffin for a majestic animal. Saying farewell is always difficult, but this casket shows the love and admiration between the deceased pet the the owner.

This premium steel casket is highly finished with gold trimmings and angel crescents.

Interior is optional for crepe or velvet for individual choices with matching pillow. A stylish and luxurious finish for an animal which has given so much love.

Office use only

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