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Pet Gems: An alternative to Cremation and Burial of Pets

Updated on February 11, 2012

Your pet has lived with you many special moments and you have eagerly cherished memories of your pet's day to day life from the day you have met. Yet, pets come with a very dreaded drawback which unfortunately cannot be changed: they are quite short lived creatures. A day will come when your pet will look at you and communicate to you that its body is failing and she is losing her will to live. As a loving and caring owner, therefore, you must deal with this dreaded situation to which for some reason nobody cannot be fully prepared for. It just seems to come to soon and too abruptly...

As your pet departs the physical world and embraces the world of light, you may be faced with another tough decision. Should you cremate or bury your pet? These are often difficult questions. If your pet is cremated you will have to decide to if you want a private or communal cremation .If you opt for burial, you may  be unsatisfied to learn that there are ordinances as well that may not allow you to bury your pet in your yard.

The decision is quite difficult at times and you may feel too overwhelmed from the loss to really think it  over clearly. For this reason, it is often wise to think it over before you lose your pet. It may sound unpleasant but deciding some time prior will make everything much easier later.

When considering to cremate your pet there is an additional option that may help you remember your pet in a way that was never imagined before. This option is called ''Pet gems''.

Pet gems is a company that offers the opportunity for owners of deceased pets to transform their pet's cremains into beautiful zircon jewelry. All it takes is a small quantity of the pet's ashes. The process is fascinating and there are many reviews of satisfied customers.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating facts is that each pet gem produced by your pet's cremains is unique just as your pet was in life! Each gem is unlike another, and the colors produced will vary depending on the obtained cremains. The color may range from blue, aqua, peach or white, it is ultimately dictated by the '' unique essence'' of the pet.

Zircon is the oldest mineral found on earth and it is believed to bring to the carrier lots of wisdom and honor. Its sparkle makes it a preferred gem and its ''fire'' has attracted for many years. It is a natural stone not to be confused with man made cubic zirconia.

Pet Gems is an innovative process which offers pet owners a new unique way to never forget their pet. It offers the opportunity to feel the pet close in a way never imagined before. Pet Gems is a family owned company committed to provide superior service and long lasting memories of cherished friends.

Would you turn your pet's ashes into a gem stone?

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