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Pet Health – A Comprehensive Pet Care Guide

Updated on September 27, 2015

We love our pet dogs, cats or even birds. They form an important part of our life. We love their playfulness and loyalty. Things get bad when they are sick or weak. We become the part of the pain and suffering. Their poor health comes as a result of poor nutrition, exposure to harmful environmental elements, poor medication, poor handling among others.The most common pet diseases include cancer mainly in dogs, dental diseases, heart worm disease, lice, flea and ticks borne diseases.

A healthy pet dog


Some of the pet feeds available in the market

A wide variety of pet food
A wide variety of pet food | Source

Good nutrition.measures

Pets require a balanced to remain healthy. They require vitamins, minerals etc in the right amounts. You should consider the life stage when trying to come up with the balanced diet. Young pets require hgher protein content in their diets as they are growing. Excessive feeding of carbohydrates will cause overweight which comes with some other health risks. The amounts that you feed them should be directly proportional to how active their life is .You should not stick to one type of food just because your pets seem to like them. Some pets like cats are obligate carnivores which mean that they can only get the essential amino acids meat only. Water is also an important component of pet diet. Just like in human beings where the main cell component is water. Water helps in the excretion of toxic body wastes and replenishing the body. A well balanced meal will prevent nutritional diseases like diabetes and conditions like obesity.

Pet clothing

Dressing pets protect them from harsh weather elements
Dressing pets protect them from harsh weather elements | Source

Protection from harsh environmental elements

The leading cause of allergies among pets is harsh environmental factors.You can protect them from harsh environmental elements by covering their bodies. There are companies which make coats and foot-wears meant for pets. They come in a wide range of sizes to suit you purpose. The harsh environmental elements include freezing snow, thorns, scorching sun among others. Some also cause pain and continuous irritation. Just like in human beings, some environmental conditions increases the risks of getting conditions like cancer in pets.

Regular de-worming and de-lousing pets

Pets are ideal hosts to diseases causing parasites. Pets which are infested with parasites also expose your health to danger. The good thing to do is to always consult your pet vet on de-wormers which are essential. The most common signs of parasites infestation in pets include diarrhea, rough hair coat, loss of appetite, vomiting and un- explainable weight loss.Some of the common internal parasites include tape worms, round worms among others.

External parasites like lice and ticks cause severe irritation due to scratching and itching.They easily get the external parasites from their interaction with your neighbors’. Serious infestation cause anemia in pets. Some external parasites do also transmit some serious diseases to your pets. The good news is that there are shampoos which help in their control.

Dog leisure walk


Regular exercising of pets

Pets’ bodies ought to be kept in an active state. Exercising our pets is one of the ways of keeping them fit and healthy. Exercising pets helps in reducing digestive problems like contispation. It also helps in controlling and maintaining pets’ weight. The type and intensity of the exercises depend on the age, breed and the weather conditions. Some of the common pet exercises include leisure walks, running, and hamster exercises among others.

Veterinary surgeon


Curative measures

When your pets fall sick, you should not look at them suffer helplessly. You should seek the services of a qualified veterinarian. He/ she will put your pet under the right medication depending on the cause of illness. Visiting a veterinarian will help in identification of a health problem before it grows. Some veterinarian also offer services like dental care, de-worming among others for free. There are also hospices for old and terminally sick pets


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