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Pet Neglect/Abuse ---- Don't Be Afraid to Report It!

Updated on January 21, 2012

All They Wanted Was to Be Your Friend...

This world is filled with people who love and cherish their pets to death. Pets are spoiled with yummy treats, toys, perhaps a lake to swim in (if their owner lives near one), belly rubs, catnip, and some are even lucky enough to be permitted to share a bed with their caretakers. Then there are those who get a pet, take care of it for a little while, get bored with it, and finally neglect it completely, not bothering with food, water, or an adequate space for them to get proper exercise. Some sick-minded people even go as far as to physically abuse their pet "for fun" or just out of pure cruelty and hate.

Often tethered helplessly to a tree or fence, all these poor animals can do is wait to die from starvation or injuries until they are noticed by someone with a compassionate heart. This particular person would have to call Animal Control and 911 to report this hideous crime. The animals are then given the care that they need to be nursed back to health. But unfortunately, for some animals, help came too late. There are two types of people: those who witness the abuse of an animal and walk on by, ignoring it, and those who feel sharp needles in their heart as they survey the poor animal with its ribs sticking out, and take the initiative to report this cruelty. People like this are taking small but progressive steps to make this world a better place.

Reporting animal abuse will remove the precious animal from its abusive circumstances, and they will have a chance at a better life. When you report the abuse, don't be afraid of the animal's owner retaliating against you; remind yourself that you saved an animal from a life of pain, starvation, and misery. You did the right thing. There is a difference between "minding your own business" and turning your head away from a situation that you know is very wrong and can't be ignored. Be someone who makes a difference! After all, these animals are helplessly waiting for you to save them. They live and thrive on that hope with whatever they have left in their little aching heart. Report animal abuse with no hesitation!


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    • nataliejs profile image

      Natalie Schaeffer 4 years ago from Farmersville, CA

      My sentiments exactly!

    • profile image

      dogfond 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. It's just so heartbreaking why many people would want to have a dog when in fact they are not capable of taking care of them.