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Caring for Pet Rocks - Should You Get a Pet Rock?

Updated on October 7, 2008

Pet Rocks

It was always a joke when I was volunteering what type of pets certain people should have. Because if you think about it every person has the patience, time, and money for certain pets. Some people want minimal care and find fish their passion, other people choose cats, hamsters, birds, reptiles, dogs, insects, as well as other pets.

It was always funny to talk to the different people about their pets or about what type of pet they were thinking about getting

And, trust me, there were some people you just wanted to go outside and hand them a rock, and tell them that that's all they need. I mean there's nothing wrong with a pet rock. You can paint it and lug it around. Pet rocks don't require much.

Some people are just pet rock people... That's all there is to it... 

Flickr Image by Jamovenkilt
Flickr Image by Jamovenkilt

Caring for Pet Rocks

If you are thinking about a pet, and you want a pet that has the simplest care, a pet rock is the pet for you. Check it out, I've outlayed the basics to caring for a pet rock, but because it's been a while since I've ever thought about having a pet rock, if you can think of other care tips, leave your tip below. 

Size: Depending on what rock you choose, you will find that you have tons of options. If you just want something that you can take everywhere with you whether that's the movies, dinner, school, work, or shopping, you'll probably want something that fits in your pocket or purse. If you just want something that you can come home and cuddle with, try something a little bigger, but remember the bigger your pet rock is, the heavier it will be.

Color: Pet rocks come in a variety of colors and shapes, so for the most part you can pick your pet and pick it to your tastes. Plus, the cool thing is that if you're not 100% happy, you can use an acrylic paint and design your pet rock. Below, I've actually listed a complete kit to paint and decorate your pet rock.

Enclosure: Optional. You may want to grab a towel or get fancy and make a small pillow for your pet rock to sleep on, but the size of the enclosure, if you even want to give your pet rock something that he can feel save in, the size will be up to you.

Décor: Like I said above, all your pet rock really needs is a nice pillow to sleep on. Because you really don't need an enclosure, the décor is up to you. If you opt for an enclosure, I'd recommend a little grass that your pet rock can bask on and maybe a nice overhead lamp in case he wants to bask a little, but it's not really necessary.

Exercise: Little to none. Pet rocks are pretty laid back, and believe it or not they're the only pet that doesn't have a risk of obesity, so you don't have to worry about walking them, playing fetch or any other game, or any other form of exercise.

Diet: Pet rocks have the best diet. It's cheap, easy and you never have to worry about making sure that they get the proper nutrients. What's the diet? They're on one 24/7 which means they never have to eat.

Companionship: The cool thing about rocks is that unlike most pets that need companions, like cats, dogs, ferrets, chinchillas, and some fish, pet rocks don't. They can live perfectly happy as a solitary pet in your care. But, if you think you're pet rock is lonely, you may want to get a pet leaf or another pet rock. A pet frog rock and a pet turtle rock would be great friends.

Health: Pet rocks are probably one of the healthiest pets that you can find. They never get sick, and they never need vaccinations from a vet.

Pet rocks are for all ages

You may think that pet rocks are for kids because you had one when you were a kid, or at least maybe you thought about it, but pet rocks are for all ages- young and old.

There are so many people who do not want the responsibility of making sure that a pet dog, cat, reptile, bird, small mammal, etc. is taken care of properly in terms of diet, exercise, enclosure, and overall care.

And sometimes, people just don't want to have to remember regular vet visits and proper enclosure temperatures. It's just so much easier to take care of a pet rock than it is to make sure that your pet cat is eating diet that is ensuring that she gets all her essential vitamins and minerals. 

Basically, the criteria for person thinking about caring for a pet rock include a person who:

  • Doesn't care what food goes into the pet's mouth. IE whether or not the diet is premium or garbage.
  • Doesn't particular want to take the pet for regular vet visit.
  • Doesn't feel like spending the money when there may be something wrong with your pet, in terms of emergency vet care.
  • Doesn't want to do much research before getting the pet, to ensure that you know how to properly care for it. 
  • Doesn't want to spend time exercising the pet.
  • And, a person who works all the time, and isn't quite sure if he/she will have time to make sure that the pet is fed on a schedule, walked on a schedule, and cared for in general, should have a pet rock

Do you know someone who needs a pet rock?

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If yes to the above question, are you that person?

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