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Best Pets for Small Children

Updated on October 26, 2010

Pets for Kids

As a child of parents who aren't real big pet lovers, on the exception of dogs, had a hard time convincing my them to let me bring home anything but dogs.

Maybe you don't want to bring home a dog for your five year old. Very understandable. I mean dogs are big responsibility and the entire house must be ready for the commitment.

So, what is another pet you can get your animal loving child that won't put the marjority of the responsibility on you?

Easy. I can think of a few.

But, remember that all pets call for responsibility, and you can't just leave a young child solely in control. Make sure to remind the child to clean the cage or feed the pet.

I've listed very basic information about a few pets that are great child's pets. It's up to you to determine which is best for your child. Do plenty of research and buy a book before you make your final decision.


Hamster are usually sold to unsuspecting parents as a "great pet for kids." Well, although partly true, this isn't 100% accurate.

Hamsters are small so they do take up less space than most other pets, but because they are small, they can be injured easily. In the small hands of children, hamsters can be easily dropped or squeezed.

And, being nocturnal, they may be less inviting to play with and interact for small children who want to play during the day. Hamsters are most interactive at night.

Plus, hamsters take a little longer to socialize than other animals. This means that they can be nippy for a while, so you have to consider if your child gets bit will he want to play with the hamster again? Or will you be finding a new home for Hammy?

Once socialized, hamsters can make friendly pets, but it's the socializing that's the key.

Remember that you will need to monitor all playtimes, so that the hamster doesn't end up free roaming your house.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are a small pet that most people don't think about for kids, but when compared to hamsters, guinea pigs are perfect pets for children.

They are a medium sized small, pet, which means if dropped from a five- year old's hand, he will take the hit a little better than a hamster. Guinea pigs aren't as fragile as hamsters, so you don't have to worry about the child hurting the guinea pig unless he's literally throwing it around.

Guinea pigs to require a larger cage than a hamster, but nothing elaborate, which makes cleaning so much easier. You don't have to worry about all the little tubes and wheels. Just a house, food bowls, and a water bowl. Nothing fancy.

As per temperament, guinea pigs are even tempered. It doesn't take nearly the socializing to make a fun- to- be- around guinea pig.

Remember that with guinea pigs, you'll need to supplement their diet with oranges and other Vitamin C- rich fruits and vegetables in addition to Vitamin C drops with their water bowl.

Although, guinea pigs require a little more care, they are by far better pets for smaller children.

Fancy Rats

Pet rats make great pets, regardless what you may be thinking. They are docile, social, and just plain sweet.

Rats do better in larger cages with at least one cage mate, so make sure that you have the room for a medium sized cage.

Don't think, "Are you serious not one but two!" Two rats won't be any more trouble than one. It's actually easier.

Pet rats are easy to socialize and fun to train. Like the guinea pig, the fancy rat will bite seldom, and unlike the hamster, they aren't as fragile.

If you're thinking "if they're good pets like guinea pigs, why not just get a guinea pig?" Well, rats bond much better to humans than guinea pigs do. Yes, guinea pigs are socialable, rats bond to you not just interact with you.

Leopard Geckos

If you want to go the reptile route, leopard geckos make great pets. The only thing you want to consider is with small children, you will have to be there during any interaction with the gecko.

Leopard geckos are relatively small, but they are very docile.

Just remember not to tug on the geckos tail because it will come off. Although, the tail will grow back, it will grow back in a bulbous shape.

The one thing that may make a leopard gecko not so interesting for children is that they are nocturnal, meaning the child won't be able to see the gecko's behaviors during the day.

But, in terms of reptiles, leopard geckos are by far a better pet for small children than an iguana.

Bearded Dragons

Again, with the reptile route, maybe you want something a little bigger than a leopard gecko. Maybe a bearded dragon will do. The only complication is that they require large enclosures.

Bearded dragons can reach an average of 18" to 24" in length.

For the most part they are very docile reptiles, but that is not always the case. You will prefer to get a bearded dragon as a younger reptile, especially if you have small children.

Although, they don't bite frequently, when they do, a bearded dragon bite my cause a little damage to a small child's finger. More than likely not a break, but an abrasion, nonetheless.

Bearded dragons require a more complicated enclosure and diet than leopard geckos, so make sure that you do your research before bringing one home.


When you are deciding which pet to get your younger child. Ask the child what he would like. Maybe he can help determine what you bring home.

Do remember that just because it's your child's pet, it's also your responsibility to make sure that the child is taking care of the animal properly.


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    • profile image

      lily 4 years ago

      I disagree strongly about guinea pigs being great pets for small children. I own two Parsley and Banjo and despite what you say it is definteley not okay to drop guinea pigs. they are actually delicate creatures that need carful handling and if handled by a young child need adult supervision at all times. It is a mean thing to say it doesn't matter if you drop a guinea pig. They don't make good pets for young children also as they are actually high maintenance and fragile. So this is not true.

      Ps: my friends sisters guinea pig died because she kept dropping it.

    • Mommy Engelmann profile image

      Kim 5 years ago from Texas

      We have a rabbit that is very good with my toddler, but unfortunately unlikely to retaliate so i have to keep an eye on interactions. Caught the 2 year old trying to stand on him and he didn`t move. Kiddo got a spanking and the rabbit went straight for his cage and wouldn't come out for 2 days. Cant blame the poor thing either.

    • profile image

      Liz 5 years ago

      I have goldfish and they are the most challenging pets ever. I also have a cat a dog a turtle 2 african dwarf frogs a female beta fish a crayfish and I'm thinking of getting some hermit crabs later on along with a guinea pig and maybe a bird

      It depends what pet you get i love animals and would love to have a hermit crab someday by the way I'm 18 and responsible

    • profile image

      casey 5 years ago

      Im 10 trying to find a good pet .that's small what doo i do.

    • profile image

      Shawn 5 years ago

      Trying to find a good pet for my 3 children ages 3,6, and 7. What should I get?

    • profile image

      unsafe to tell my name 6 years ago

      I am 9 and I am looking for a a pet that won't be to hard care for because it is hard in the morning, and, school. If any of you would be very kind and list good pets and advice

    • profile image

      Bearded Dragon Owner 6 years ago

      I wouldn't suggest a bearded dragon for a child. They get pretty big. They are carnivores and so once they start getting big you have to feed them mice which is not as simple as crickets. You also have to frequently hold them as babies for them to be socialized.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      If I have had a gerbils for 13 weeks and other can you buy another one

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I think all these pets are great, especially the rat. Although I really want a guinea pig, rats are the best pet, hands down. I would know, because I have three of them. They are very affectionate and never bite. All of you out there hating on rats, change your perspective on them.

      Anyway, anyone have advice on getting a Guinea Pig?


    • profile image

      Paige 6 years ago

      I say get a guinea pig. They are cute and cuddly.

    • profile image

      chili101 6 years ago

      i want a non stinky house pet

    • Shaddie profile image

      Shaddie 6 years ago from Washington state

      I'm so glad to see reptiles on this list! Most people have no idea how easy they are to care for, and quickly disregard them as pets! The only misfortune I have run into is that they live for a very long time, and most children tire of animals after a while, which is why rodents make such a good choice for them as well.

    • sweetguide profile image

      sweetguide 6 years ago from River side

      This is really awesome

      very good advice dear Whitney05

    • profile image

      girlygirl334 6 years ago

      ok every one wants a RAT but they are so ugly i think the best pet of ALLL is a dog because the are a mans and girls best friend and they do come in different sizes and i have a dog and he is the love of my LIFE and they last long not like a hamster that only lasts a YEAR i had one i had a lot of pets and the best one is my dog jack so go with a dog for a PET trust me and they dont stink so it's a win win do it u will thank me that u did but rember wehen your picking out a dog make sure its the right one for u THANKS!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      koko the choko 6 years ago

      I really want a small and cute pet that is smart and maybe "Portable". I already have a hamster but she is dumb because she killed her husband!!! I would even like a puppy but they are big and NOT pocket fit!!! I heard of a naked mole fat but when i saw them in pictures, they were "Gross"! I thought they were going to be cuter because I saw Kim Possible and Rufus was awesome!! Please help me decide on what I should do or get! My parents won't allow me a lot of stuff so it's going to be hard! BTW I am only 10!

    • profile image

      reptile lover 6 years ago

      Hi im also thinking what kind of pet should i have

    • profile image

      Cat 6 years ago

      Hey I am 11 what pet should I get? No dogs no cats, something cute and cuddly.


    • profile image

      siri 6 years ago

      hi i have a bunny and it is SO boring top me and oh it's litter box.......that thing smells! wat do i do???? get rid of that thing or just what pet should i get? i want one that can be in my room but not stink it up, that is not much work, likes to be held and will like me!

      please help me.... i love animals!


      btw i am 9 years old

    • profile image

      LaurenS 6 years ago

      leopard geckos are cute but boring and if you use a light heater make sure its not over them or on all the time because they just might shed to death.... i recommend the heater pads that go underneath the aquarium.

      I want a rat and my brother wants a rat, so we are thinking about getting a couple, but our parents aren't wanting to.

    • profile image

      zu zu 6 years ago

      those pets are so cute except the rat that is gross

    • profile image

      rata 6 years ago

      i want a pet small cuddly and who icould play with exept rat and hamsters and my parents dont like animals iwant acute pet

    • profile image

      wyatt 6 years ago

      I want a leopard gecko as pet .

    • profile image

      Lucy 6 years ago

      Hi ! .. Ok this Is my story I have a pet leopard gecko it is about the most boring pet in the WORLD!!!but I really want a pet rat but I am willing 2 give away my gecko for 2 r

    • profile image

      erin woods 6 years ago

      i want a gecko but my parents wont let me because there stupid retarded and not to mention they are ediets who no nothing i dont like my parents at all there stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 6 years ago from Georgia

      Tortoises can be great pets, but require a good bit of care. Tortoises require plenty of space to roam, even Russian tortoises, which are one of the smaller pet tortoise species. At a bare minimum, you'll need a 40-50 gallon tote (NOT AQUARIUM), and an outdoor enclosure for warmer weather is ideal.

      With any reptile, you'll have to ensure proper heat, humidity, and diet. Tortoises are no different.

    • profile image

      Lauren 6 years ago

      Hi I am looking for a new pet I have already got 2 guinea pigs I would really love a tortoise do they die the first time aswell? Are they really hard to look after if you want any answers please ask me!!

      I would recommend for a ten or over person a good pet is

      hamster winter White one

      I hate animals with long tails if you don't,don't buy one.

      If you do if u have never heard of a degu look it up!! They are cute as!!! Xxxxxxx byyyyyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxxx

    • profile image

      DoDobird 6 years ago

      I know some good pets & I'll list them:

      I used to have cats, they are sweet and cuddly but harder to take care of than people think.

      If you like a pet that you can pick up and play with whenever you want, a cat might get annoyed and could bite or scratch.

      Hamsters & Guinea pigs are nice too, but no matter what you do, they always stink of rodent pee.

      Rats are nice and smart , but stink of pee too.

      Turtles are a good choice.

      I have three at the moment.

      Your first turtles may die, but the second or third time you get the hang of it.

      They have to have their water tank changed once a week, and you need to buy all these calcium and vitamin drops for them, to prevent shell damage...ect.

      If you are thinking of getting a turtle, but are scared that they may take up too much space, get a terrapin, a smaller version of a turtle. If you get a terrapin, you should get a red eared slider, because they are the easiest and mine are so smart that they recognize my face for "the girl that feeds them" , so they will rush to the edge of the tank for food.

      A bird is nice too, but hard to take care of , and it takes a LOOOOOOONG time to train them. If you get a bird, you should probably hand raise a baby, so it has full trust in you because it thinks you are it's mother. The best parrot for kids is a cockatiel. If you want another bird, not a parrot, get a myna, Indian or common , they're both nice. Some species of mynah can talk better than parrots! I once had a mynah, not one from a pet store, but an abandoned baby one I found. I live in Asia, where you find these birds in their original habitat. It was a Javan mynah, and he was really smart! Mynahs are related to crows, which is one of the smartest bird species in the world. Unfortunately my bird died because Javan mynahs are deseise carriers. Mynahs do not have bad tempers like parrots.

      I also hear that sugar gliders are a new pet in the US,but are not good pets for kids, cause they are too fragile, so I will not be getting one anytime soon.

      By the way, I am 12

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      gerbils are great fun for kids and extremely easy to care for. I love my guinea pig but the kids cant really take care of her, clean her cage etc. Cleaning her cage is daily for us,,,

    • profile image

      Hannah 6 years ago

      ok first guinea pigs need alot time and care. babies can be easier some of time depending on the guinea pig. they bite and make messes and scratch you like any other pet. AND IF YOU DROP THEM FROM ANY HEIGHT YOU CAN KILL THEM YOU!!!

      They need more than just a house and bowl and water. They get bored very easy and get lonely.They like to run around and climb ramps to another level in their cage. they love having another guinea pig to eat sleep and play with. If you only have 1 and get a friend that he or she get along with you will see change in them. their happy and more active. guinea pis sizes range from small to big. their cage size range on how many are together 1 piggie needs 2' by about 4', 2 need 2' by 5', 3 nedd 2' by 6' and so on. add levels and ramps and they will love it once they get the hang it. some might be scared of ramps. you can use fleece bedding lined with towels underneth. it soft and warm and they really seem like it unless your piggie is realy messy like a couple of mine. if get pet store piggie or piggie with a bad past they need alot of socilaztion to learn that not all human will hurt them. once they learn and trust you, you will have fun loving piggie. and some realy seem to like "fancy" cages to keep them happy. I learned alot of my info thro mistakes and a piggie website i love. if your thinking about getting piggie go there. some info is misleading but besides that it's good.

    • profile image

      hello.1.1. 6 years ago

      i reccomend a tortoise or turtle; they are reallycool!

    • profile image

      meggssyy 6 years ago

      hi; im twelve; im looking for a pet that is easy to take care of and doesnt need much attention; and also is very very playful!!! please help me!!!

    • profile image

      melissa 6 years ago

      Iam omost gona have a dog!

    • profile image

      Prosta 6 years ago

      I want a dog but even a cat

    • profile image

      Snoopy:) 6 years ago

      How big should a guinea pigs cage be?

    • profile image

      petlover222 6 years ago

      Hi I'm 11 and I have 1 high prey dog and 1 very sweet dog, but my parents think that my other dog my hurt a small furry creature. Any advice on keeping my dog from hurting it, and any suggestions on what pet I should get?

    • profile image

      Alyssa 6 years ago

      Are mice a good pet for kids?

    • profile image

      .....? 6 years ago

      Well personally I have a blue budgie named rio


    • profile image

      cullenb 6 years ago

      what are little blue bird

    • profile image

      Bob 6 years ago

      I'm 12 I've had a cat and a dog but can't talk my parents into getting another animal what is another good pet that I could possibly talk them into letting me get?? Preferably easy to maintain? Any help would be greatly appreciated..


    • profile image

      Mickey mouse 7 years ago

      I'm 12 and was wondering what would be a good pet because I want something that can handle and play with

    • RichardCMckeown profile image

      RichardCMckeown 7 years ago

      Really? that is good to our children?

    • profile image

      soccerrs!! 7 years ago

      i think rats are cool but i often find mice in my house and if i had a pet rat i don't know if i would ever be able to get rid of a mouse that was in my house again, do you think theres something better?

    • profile image

      francesca 7 years ago

      what animals are good for a girl just started secondary school

    • profile image

      HopeAngelaDurocher 7 years ago

      Hi, I'm 12! I don't no what pet to get and the pets I want is-

      Hamster: Hamsters do bite alot realy hard and hate being handeled somtimes. They are hard to breed and a mean. They are easy to train but very fast to get away and can get sick easly.

      Hermit Crab: Hermit Crabs are hard to pick-up and eat fish alive!(Somtimes). They fight with eachother and have very sharp claws. They love to be handeld and need alot of of care. They are fast breeders and very tired in the day time.

      Caterpillar: They are great pets for young kids, and I no that because I've had almost 19 before. They don't do much but they are very friendly and breed quickly.

      Gerbil: They are very nice and get along great with other animals exept rats cats, dogs and, birds.

      I have two rats and two cats. I was thinking about geting a gecko but they are carnavors and they require a partner same as rats but, we had the money and my mom wanted one so badly.

    • profile image

      cookiedoe 7 years ago

      thanks for the advice i can use it

    • profile image

      sellymariegomez 7 years ago

      I looking for a pet that is really gentle and is fun to take care of for a 10 year old. I've already had a dog and a cat , i really love them but i want a smaller and a really easy pet

      to take care of. Thanks!!!!

    • profile image

      Tiffany 7 years ago

      how do i train my hamster? it wont let me hold it at once, it is so mean i want to trade it for a guinea pig that is a baby so it gets used to me!

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Turtles require a good bit of care, as they are semi-aquatic. Some are fully aquatic, which anything require an aquatic or semi-aquatic habitat will require water cleaning, like a tank.

      Tortoises, depending on the species will generally require more care than many people and children are willing to give.

      Both turtles and tortoises require a LOT of room. Although, Russian tortoises average 5-8 inches in length as an adult, they require a bare minimum enclosure of 4-5 feet long and 2-3 feet wide plus an outdoor enclosure.

      Most of your turtles and tortoises are going to require an outdoor environment.

      Do I think a 12 year old can handle a turtle or tortoise? Only if the parent is willing to help and as long as the parent is willing to offer the large outdoor environment and an indoor place during weather extremes.

    • profile image

      Becky 7 years ago

      Hey. I'm looking for a small pet and I have narrowed it down to a few choices. I was wondering if a Tortoise or a turtle was ok for a 12 year old? I just want something that doesn't require constant attention, as I have after school clubs.

    • lessthansign3 profile image

      lessthansign3 7 years ago from Minneapolis

      Although small animals are great pets, children should *never* be responsible for their care. Like a dog or a cat, the adults need to take responsibility. Also, young children shouldn't be allowed to handle any small pet unsupervised.

      Oh, one last thing - you might want to find a different hamster picture so as to not give a wrong impression. Those two are Syrian hamsters, or more commonly known as teddy bear hamsters, and they are fiercely solitary creatures. In pet stores they are housed with their brothers and sisters because they're still juveniles, but even that is risky. They are almost guaranteed to fight to the death eventually as adults!

    • profile image

      LIna Osorio 7 years ago

      WOuld a Guinea pig be a good present for my 3 year old? .. Of course I will be taking care of it at all times but I think she will really enjoy looking/playing with it but I dont want it to be a torture for the animal????

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      could be an injury. Head trauma caused by a fall can cause mental problems to such a small animal.

    • profile image

      Darian 7 years ago

      I dropped my hamster and now it just sleeps I think it's sad that I dropped it I didn't mean to but it bit me and I was shocked it's fine I think but I'm sorry and it won't let me touch it what should I do

    • profile image

      apierich 7 years ago

      This hub has really made me think about animals I wouldn't have otherwise. We already have 2 rescued dogs, 1 rescue cat, an African clawed frog (which by the way is a fantastic pet for small children to watch and interact with in an aquarium, but they are illegal in 11 US states and several countries because of people getting bored and releasing them.) 1 plycostemous who follows my kids around the aquarium, and a golden Apple snail. The aquarium started as my sons first pets a few years ago but since he will be turning 6 in a few months he is asking for a more hands on pet that is just his for his room. My husband is leaning towards a teddy bear hamster because he thought the ones in the pet store were cute but has never had one, my son just wants small and furry but is leaning towards guinie pig because his preschool had one in each class room. I would love a rat but our dauchshund has proven she would rather hunt one than befriend one when my sister's came over for a visit. I also have a 2 yo and 1 yo who would be taught how to care for and handle animals with it under my very close supervision (as in they would not even be allowed to touch it or be around it with me right there to separate them at the first hint of mistreatment) but be alright in its cage until my son got home from school if say the younger kids were sick or I have to run errands all day as stay at home mothers often do at the last moment. What would you suggest, I think I am leaning towards a few g.p.s after reading your article.

    • profile image

      kenya89 7 years ago

      if i was any of yous i would get a rat cause they are fun to play with and they r not that smelly if u clean their cage !!!

    • profile image

      Jason Fuller 7 years ago

      Rabbits ARE NOT easier than a Bearded Dragon, unless you are being inhumane and keeping the rabbit in a cage. Rabbits are also not the best pet for kids, as they are prey animals and thus hate any forced interaction (which any kid wanting to pet them is likely to do). Further, rabbits are extremly social, and thus require you to be around 2+ hrs EVERYDAY, or you will need to get it a bond mate. I have nothing against Rabbits (I have 2), and you get back what you put in (mine jump on the bed and give me kisses to wake me up at 8 am sharp everyday), but small children aren't likely to have the paticene required for them.

      Rats are far better furry pets for small children (though still require bond mates). They like a bit rougher grooming, and are less skiddish than rabbits, further, it's easy to find them a cage with fairly adequate space.

      Bearded Dragons being the next best alternative as they can handle the attention, but don't mind being in a good size cage, and won't require quite as much attention / affection as the rats.

    • MimiKat33 profile image

      MimiKat33 7 years ago from Northeastern NY State, USA

      Thank you for the great information you provided. So many times people get pets that aren't appropriate for small children and the pet isn't kept.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Chelle, rats need the interaction from you. They'll want to play and explore.

    • profile image

      jillz 7 years ago

      Everyone over looks the good ole hermit crabs, my 4year old and 7year old loves there crabs..great pets, lil to no smell, barely any noise made from them, most are friendly :) not good for too young of kids tho, some can be kinda pinchy..had a blast with em so far

    • profile image

      chelle 7 years ago

      If rats are let out of their cage to play, are they hard to catch? My son will want to play with it, but I'm afraid it will try to run away and hide.

    • profile image

      kieron  7 years ago

      help i have a pet beardie his name is spike i dont know how to train him to like me and he is 7 weeks old and bites not hard i got him when he was 3 weeks old and need a little help i am 11 years old so a little help would be aprieceted


      kieron petzer

      from plettenberg bay

      ssouth africa western cape

    • profile image

      king521 7 years ago

      hi im 10 and i have a dog, so no more dogs or cats,

      i was thinking a mouse or guinea pig or a a budgie but my mom does not want some pet that stinks. Any suggestions?

    • profile image

      gabriela 7 years ago

      my mom don't like pets.What pets are recomended for a 11 year old?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Of those two options, I would choose the rat, as they're so much friendlier than guinea pigs. Both are great options for younger kids though.

    • profile image

      claireyk 7 years ago

      I'm looking to get my 5 and 7 year old a pet for christmas. They have only ever had goldfish and we definitely don't have time to look after a dog and I'm allergic to a cat. So I was thinking a guinea pig or a rat. Please can someone tell me which 1 is better and more friendly and interactive for kids of this age. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Jenn 7 years ago

      Just wanted to chime in to add that, like rats, guinea pigs are social animals and do better in pairs or groups. We have two guinea pigs and a big part of the pet ownership is watching the interaction between 'the girls.' Having a solo guinea pig is simply not as much fun- not for the owner, and definitely not for the pig!

    • profile image

      kate 7 years ago


      i am 15 and i have had a hamster he was my best friend he even came when i called him. to me he was the best hamster in the world and i love him so much he never bit anybody he was just so friendly and sweet he was a little boy with a big heart in some ways i would recomend them but as much as i love mine i would recomend that you don't really get one for a young kid as hamsters live up to 3 years and that can be really upsetting for young kids to find there hammy dead

    • profile image

      Jen 7 years ago

      If you want a small pet that actually LIKES YOU and *wants* to spend time with you (especially if you're a dog person and are used to interactive, loving doggy personalities), don't even consider anything but a rat. I grew up with gerbils, guinea pigs, etc., but it wasn't until I was an adult that I first shared my home with some ratties and realized what I'd been missing all those years. For me, cute doesn't cute it (rats ARE adorable, though). I want a FRIEND, someone who loves me as much as I love him or her. Go ahead - call me attention-starved. :) But if you're also attention-starved and want an AWESOME, smart, loving, will deeply-bond-with-you pet and can't have a dog (or cat), you need to go rat. ;)

    • profile image

      jennaelan 7 years ago

      I've had 3 hamster so far, and I'm 13 at the moment. All 3 of my hamsters have been very nippy when we first got them, but after a few treats (sunflower/pumpkin seeds)

      and a couple of days they were more docile then my guinea pigs, who I've had for about a year, they are more nippy then any hamster I've ever met, and are difficult to socialize, won't let people touch them.

    • profile image

      beth76 7 years ago

      I want a guinea pig so bad but i cant get one but i would love to get one their so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      abrown 7 years ago

      i have a farret and i LOVE her sophia is so sweet i got her when my daughter was 14 mos old she always gets her out of her cage and carries her around she is 20 mos old now and still says my sophie mommy my sophie lol it is sooo sweet and sophie is so sweet with my daughter they cuddle and sophie rubs her head on her and even licks her lol she has NEVER offered to try to bite my daughter!!! i would deff. say farret is a great pet for kids as long as the farret is small when you get them i am not so sure about older farrets i heard alot of horror stories about farrets at first but they are all either made up or ppl who just hate farrets... they are so sweet and they don't really smell as long as you keep their cage clean and they LOVE baths so that is a plus!!!!

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Rabbits are easier than bearded dragons..

    • profile image

      Hubiba 7 years ago

      I was thinking of maybe a rabbit but now im thinking bearded dragon

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Rats are a great pet that will play with you. Hamsters will sometimes if it's well socialized. Ferrets, as well.

    • profile image

      Dog 7 years ago

      I'm 13 Years old and I want to buy a GS Dog but my parents dont want to buy me one so I Was thinking is there any another pet but not a cat that is likely like the dog to play with ?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      1 is fine, but it may be hard to introduce a second one once the first gets established and is comfortable.

    • profile image

      Cole 7 years ago

      Hey i am about to get a guinea pig...i cant get 2. Is it okay if i only get 1. I am planning to spend quite a bit of time with it. How long should i at least play with it. I know it needs floor-time.

    • profile image

      Julie 7 years ago

      Hi everyone, I just happened on this hub and couldn't resist commenting. I feel I have experience as a pet owner... I've been owning, fostering, and loving pets for over 35 years. I've owned cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rabbits, chinchillas, bearded dragons, geckos, horned toads, frogs, salamanders, snakes, budgies, cockatiels, conures, fish, as well as a couple ravens and magpies. I've loved them all. I have five children ranging from 3 years to 17 years, and they have inherited my love of pets. We currently have a standard poodle, a devon rex, a dusky conure, a guinea pig, a bearded dragon, and an aquarium of fish. I have spent endless hours "researching" the best pets for kids, and I've lived with enough variety of animals since I was 5 years old through the present with my own children. With that said, I know someone out there might disagree with my opinions since we all have our own experiences. Regardless, in case it might help someone out there, here are my thoughts... Dogs and cats are my favorite pets. They can offer a more developed relationship than some other pets. But they can also require more of your time, money, and care. Guinea pigs and rats are the best small furry pets. Rabbits are wonderful but they are a bit harder to handle than guinea pigs. We have had some awesome hamsters, but we have had just as many nippy/ornery ones. We have had nothing but positive experiences with guinea pigs (our last two lived over 8 years and were dearly loved) and rats. One of my best pets as a child myself was a rat named Zoe. I love birds, but they are a bit harder for kids. A tame budgie or cockatiel can be good, but birds as a whole can be more of a tempermental pet. We currently have a conure. I adore her, and so do two of my kids (17 and 9), but the others are not quite so in love. As delightful as they are, even well socialized parrots can be bossy, moody, and require a lot of time and attention. As far as reptiles go, I love bearded dragons. Yes they need a big cage and specialized lighting and diet, but they can have great temperments and personalities. Leopard geckos are nice too, but not quite as interactive and they are more delicate. We usually have fish, because they are so much fun to look at, but they are not my favorite pets for several reasons. They are work intensive without the benefit of interaction, and they die easily, which is never fun for the kids. So my condensed list of favorite pets for kids are... dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, bearded dragons, budgies and cockatiels. Of course I also have an opinion on where to get these pets! I've had the best luck getting a healthy animal with the temperment I want when I go to a responsible and knowledgeable breeder. Other than the fish, every animal I currently own is from a breeder, and every one has a fantastic personality and temperment. I have also had good luck with carefully selecting pets from shelters. My least favorite recommendation is getting a pet from a pet store. Do your research and don't impulse buy. You want to make a decision that will make you and the pet happy! I hope this is helpful!

    • Melissa7676 profile image

      Melissa7676 7 years ago from Ohio

      I have 2 ferrets, they do require alot of attention, and for that I love having them, they are great with my lab and my lab is great with them, my 4 year old just adores them, before I bought them I did my homework on them, I called 2 vets and did alot of research on them, they do carry a little smell, but I run a very costly air purifier in the same room, which takes all the smell away, they are a very rewarding pet but can be costly, I bought a starter cage for them at the pet store and than went and bought the ferret folding mansion, if you have a pet you must give them plenty of room and make them happy. We have a saltwater tank also, which also is very costly (125 gallon) but that is what my hubby wanted for his past time, make sure you do your homework on any pet you get.....I for one will not buy my kids a hamster they are all mean!!! But my son did have a snapper for 2 years and never had a problem with him, he is wonderful, so it goes to show to each is there own.....when I was younger I had 2 rats and they were the smartest and funniest pets I had.....Also a few years back I had a red bellied pirhana which was also a great pet I would clean his tank out with him inches from my hand, never had a problem....but that was mine not my kids fish.

      My 13 year old is wanting to get a iguana, but before I would consider it, I will do my homework, I won't bring something home because it looks "cute" I want to know every detail about it before I do.

      Just do your research there is many pets out there that is very neat and interesting, and remember to each is there own, just because you may like that pet doesn't mean the next person will, it is all up what "you" want and can take care of it.

      Best of luck to everyone!!

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      I guess I forgot fish. They are a good simple pet for some children.

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 7 years ago

      Just curious, why fish is not included ? :)

      I used to rear fish and white mice. Learnt so much from them. :)

    • profile image

      Sam 7 years ago

      I have a rabbit and I think those are great for kids, the problem is if I want more pets it's limited cause my parents are allergic and they must be outside, otherwise I'd get a hamster.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      No. Hamsters don't pick one person like some dogs do. As long as the hamster is properly socialized, it'll be fine with you both.

    • profile image

      dalkjeije 7 years ago

      i think i am getting a hamster, my sister and i are going to share it, does that mean that it will only like one of us and bite the other?

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Yes. The ferret itself has an odor, but it's the poo that is ridiculous. Compared to the other pets that are more ideal for young children (cats and dogs aside), they are more high maintenance, than a guinea pig or hamster. It's not that they're bad pets, but so many people get them and don't realize how much work and attention they need. So many people think they can jsut leave the ferret in the cage and it live perfectly fine and happy, which just isn't the case.

    • profile image

      Ferret Mommy 7 years ago

      Quote"Ferrets will have vet expenses. They are high maintenance, have high odor even after they stink glands have been removed, they are not always 100% litter trained, their poo smells God-awful, and they are not good with dogs (on average). Ferrets are not a good option for your requirements."

      Have you every actually owned a ferret? It's a VERY common MISTAKE to say that ferrets stink! Most states require that the pet stores and owners make sure that their ferrets are descented when you purchase them. They are very easy to litter train. Just make sure that you have different litter in the pan then you do in their cage. I don't necessarily agree that they are high maintenance, no more than a cat or dog. Mine go once a year for their shots, that's it. They do require a LOT of attention and a LARGE cage. Think of them along the lines of a cat. Again, as far as them stinking, no more than a cat's litter box does. I have three and they are in my living room. And we have no problem with them smelling at all. Good luck, but ferrets are more for older children 13+. In my personal recommendation of a very beloved ferret mommy!

    • profile image

      nicole 7 years ago

      Im 12 and i convinced my parents to let me get a guinea pig. im sooo excited!! are guinea pigs good pets? ive researched and i know everytning about them but i just want to make sure i will enjoy them..if u have one let me know if theyre fun:) thxxx

    • profile image

      lexi08764 7 years ago

      I have a 2 pet rats and they are awesome for kids ages 8 and up. My 8 year old daughter dropped one of our rats and it was fine. Just make sure they are not being squeezed when you hold them. They are also really really smart and learn there name fast

    • profile image

      Mackensie 8 years ago

      Guinea Pigs are wonderful pets! Mine recently passed away, but she lived quite a while. I got her when I was about 4 and now I am 11. She was so cute, she had a little bell she rung when she was hungry, she was so intelligent. I miss her so much. :(

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      guinea pigs will make more noise than rats will. Guinea pigs can be quite vocal.

    • profile image

      :)KJ 8 years ago

      hey i am 12 years old my dad just resintly gave my dog to my grandma and we were both kind thinking about a small pet like a hamster or what ever. I read the comments and the information and was wandering what would be best. I liked the idea of a rat and a guinea pig or a rat. But they have to have commany of course. Are rats and guinea pigs loud at night?

    • ng0208 profile image

      ng0208 8 years ago from Kentucky

      Great hub! My son is only turning a year old next month so getting a pet may not be in our immediate future. I have been thinking of getting him a starter pet in the next year or so and I think you have convinced me a guinea pig just might be the one. They are such sweet little creatures : )

    • profile image

      Emma 8 years ago

      Hi i am a 12 year old looking for a leopard gecko for my 13th birthday. I already have cats, dogs, fish, hamsters,gerbils, rats and guinea-pigs but the hamsters are getting on now, i was just wonderinf that if the leopard gecko ever got out of the tank will he eat my hamsters or gerbils because i love them to bits and dont want anything to hurt them.

    • profile image

      trisket 8 years ago

      tiana- I just have to say that a siberian husky is by far a great dog, family dog ect. We have one and are looking for another. We also have 4 small kids that he loves to death. I am not sure why your fil is making that choice for you(if your living there for a moment), but I know everyone thought we were crazy when we got ours and everyone said you don't need a dog you have babies. blah blah blah, but those same people tell us all the time what a great dog we have. So as long as it's good for you and your husband I think you should get a dog. :)

    • profile image

      elise 8 years ago

      hi!, i am 13 and very responsible. I have 2 rats and they are great!! but, they are getting older now so im thinking to ask for another pet. i have researched ALOT about lovebirds but my parents hate the idea! what should i do to convince them? (i also have a dog that me and my 16 yr old brother primarily cre for) but honeslty i have always done everything to take care of my rats and im not sure what i have to say to convince them! anyone have any ideas?(i made a big poster and like three essays and a scheduale:( and i have been doing lots of research!)

    • profile image

      Allie 8 years ago

      I think that people should take into consideration is the child. my daughter was a year and a half and we had pet mice. She would hold them and lets them rub on her body. We also had a frog that we'd let hop around the bathtub and she enjoyed that. Chances are you're not letting your little one handle the animal without supervision, so take it slow and maybe try your child out with something at the store. they will generally let you handle a mouse or hamster before you buy it.

    • profile image

      Michelle 8 years ago

      Just adding this..... We've had dwarf hamsters (by the way, I absoulutely loved mine to death! Even though I wasn't a "hamster person"), but we've tried housing them together since they were siblings, still babies AND got along well..... Let's just say there were crying kids and a poor, little the age in a really bloody mess...... So, I wouldn't suggest housing them together unless you KNOW they'll get along since this isn't the first time something like this has happened, but I do highly suggest hamsters as pets. =) They're soooooo amazing if you take the time for them to get used to you! :D

    • profile image

      tiana 8 years ago

      this forum is great. I would like to share my experience and seek some advice from any of you. My husband wanted a pet dog badly. This has been what he wanted since young but was never given the chance as "dad" always decide and others shall obey.Hubby was thinking after we got married, we may have a chance as my mom-in-law says ok as long as we take care of it and do all the necessary cleaning. Therefore we are looking forward to getting a siberian husky after we got married. However, to our disappointment we are given a say "no" to get a dog for whatsoever reason my father in law has in mind. This is so depressing as I'm a dog lover myself.

      Now we are so at lost. What other pet shall we consider to fill the loss in our heart?

      there are so many limitation. Am thinking to place the pet in our bathroom if can to avoid disturbing other family members living in the house.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      Make sure if you're getting syrian/teddy bear hamsters to house them separately. Dwarfs are the only ones that can be housed together.

    • profile image

      nayla 8 years ago

      i am going to get 2 hamsters at around may so this imformation helped me so keep on helping them


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