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Pet sitting services in Orlando, picking good dog and cat sitters

Updated on August 13, 2010

Dog and Cat Pet Sitting Services in Orlando

Orlando Florida has many pet lovers, most of them with a cat, dog or both. Finding a good pet sitting service in Orlando can be hard with so many different places that advertise themselves as pet sitters or pet boarding. In Orlando you don't have to have a license or anything to call yourself a pet sitter.

However the good ones will have a business license with the city, bonded and be a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau).You NEVER want to get a pet sitting service through Craigslist! Your pet is precious and needs someone very responsible and professional.

There are basically two types of pet sitting services in Orlando you can find, so you need to first decide which one is better for you. Which type of cat or dog pet sitter you choose has a lot to do with your own personal thoughts about your pet and your home. 

Dog and Cat Pet Sitting

Cat sitting pet service
Cat sitting pet service
Dog sitting pet service
Dog sitting pet service
Bird sitting pet service
Bird sitting pet service

Home Pet Sitting, Cat and Dog Overnight Pet Sitters

The first type of pet sitting service in Orlando is home pet sitting. With this service you leave your cat or dog at your house and they come to you. How much time the pet sitter spends with your cat or dog depends on the service and what you want.

Some home pet sitters in Orlando just stop by once or twice a day to feed your pet or take your dog for a walk. Overnight pet sitters come to your house in the evening and spend the night with your pet, then leave in the morning.

Still others can spend most of the day and night at your home to keep your pet company. This also doubles as house sitting so you don't worry about someone breaking in or making your home look empty. This can give you great peace of mind but can be expensive and you have to have great trust in the pet sitting service.

With this type of pet sitting service you want to be sure they are bonded and insured. You also want to pick a company that has been around a while so you can ask for references. Remember Murphy's law!

Cat and Dog pet boarding services in Orlando

The other type of pet sitting services you can find in Orlando are the pet boarding, pet spas and pet kennels. With these you bring your pet dog or cat to the company and leave your pet there. They supply cages and kennels for your pet to stay in while your gone.

Many of the new pet boarding or pet sitting places in Orlando are very nice with names like pet spas, cat condos, pet suites and more. They play with your pet, take your dog for walks several times a day, even offer full pet grooming and pet washing services.

You can bring your own pet food for your pet to eat or they will supply their own. You often can leave your pet with their favorite toys and beds to play with while your gone. When picking a pet boarding service in Orlando you want to look it over and see how clean it is.

Ask if you can go in the back where the pets are and see how they are. See if the animal waste is cleaned up fast and that there is no strong ammonia odors. Inspect the cages and pet rooms to see if they are big enough and have no sharp edges.

Find out if cats are held in a different area from the dogs. Do you want your cat barked at all day long? Notice if the animals seem happy and relaxed, and if the people working there seem friendly and happy. Also are the pets clean, or are they dirty? Do they have plenty of water?

A dog or cat pet boarding and pet sitting service in Orlando should be licensed, insured and bonded. Check the BBB for complaints or recommendations. Ask for references, and go online and read reviews of the pet boarding companies. Make sure your leaving your pet in good hands!

Pet boarding services in Orlando

home pet sitting
home pet sitting
bird pet sitting
bird pet sitting
kitty pet boarding
kitty pet boarding

Home pet sitting or pet boarding for your pet

Having someone come to your home to pet sit or taking your pet to a boarding service in Orlando both have pros and cons. With house pet sitting your pet gets to stay at home where they are most comfortable. You don't have to take their toys or food to a different place and they will be more relaxed there.

Having someone home pet sitting they also look after your house and reduce the risk of burglary or something happening to your home. However it often cost more and you will have a stranger in your home. Your pet may feel that the pet sitter is an intruder and get stressed out. 

With a pet boarding service in Orlando you don't have to worry about someone you don't know in your house. Picking a good one you know your pet is being well cared for and watched over. Some even have webcams so you can see your pet while your away!

However being taken to a strange place with other animals may stress out your pet, and they may eat different food that upsets them. They may get mistreated if they have a bad worker, or even get lost if they run away.

In both cases it's Important to make sure your cat or dog pet sitting service in Orlando is licensed with the city of Orlando, insured and bonded. Check out pet sitting review websites and read the reviews they have. Ask for references and call them to see how happy they were with the pet sitting service.

There are many great dog and cat pet sitting services in Orlando to choose from, including well known chains of pet sitting stores. Do your homework, decide if you want an in home pet sitter or a pet boarding service, and relax while your on your vacation!


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