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Pets Names for Cats and Dogs

Updated on June 28, 2013
Leroy the cat
Leroy the cat

Choosing a Pet's Name

Choosing a pet's name can be harder than it sounds. It has to be right and it has to suit the animal. For example, Beulah is a terrific name for a cat, snake or even a guinea pig but wouldn't necessarily fit a dog or a horse. Some animal names have a human origin but often have an "ie" sound on the end, which has a friendlier and more accessible tone, such as Mickey, Dougie or Rosie.

However many animal names are nick names, that generally wouldn't apply to humans, such as Fluffy, Blinker, Stinker or Spotty...but really, there's no hard and fast rules with pet names; it's a case of what suits and you are limited only by your imagination. If you love Fudge-Bucket for your Budgie's name, then Fudge-Bucket it should be. Fortunately your pet will not grow up to hate you for giving them an oddball name.

The only thing to keep in mind is that a relatively short name will work better with some pets, especially dogs, who more readily respond to a short snappy moniker. Remember too, you'll be calling it out many times over the pet's life span - do you really want to be yelling out Marmaduke come here now!? By contrast, if you called your dog Taxi, he would be more likely to respond, though it could cause some confusion if you're in an urban setting.

If you're struggling to find a suitable name, check out the list below, which offers a few suggestions for cats, dogs, crocodiles and other miscellaneous pets and if you can't see anything you like, remember there's always, Rover, Spot, Fido....

Webster, Buster, Rupert, Benji...? Photo by Passionate Fighter. Wiki Commons
Webster, Buster, Rupert, Benji...? Photo by Passionate Fighter. Wiki Commons

List of Pet's Names

Abba, Abby, Abel, Achilles, Abercrombie, Abu, Acme, Achoo, Addy, Ahab, Ali, Alice, Aloysius, Amber, Ambi, Ambrosia, Amon, Amos, Andy, Anders, Angel, Annie, Animal, Apple, Apollo, Ari, Aristotle, Arkey, Arlo, Arab, Arkie, Artie, Arnie, Archer, Archie, Artie, Artemis, Astor, Aziz

Bam, Bambi, Baloo, Barney, Barker, Barkly, Bart, Baxter, Beano, Benji, Bender, Benny, Bernie, Bertie, Bella, Bells, Beulah, Bing, Binky, Bijou, Blackie, Blimey, Bling, Blinks, Blinky, Bluey, Billy, Bimbo, Binkie, Bramwell, Brandy, Brian, Bo, Boofa, Boof, Boomer, Boomchucka, Bouncer, Bowlly, Bozo, Brambles, Brewster, Brian, Bromley, Browney, Brutus, Bumbles,Bung, Bungler, Buns, Bunter, Buntie, Bunny, Buster, Byron

Cally, Carrie, Calico, Catz, Carney, Casper, Charlie, Chaz, Chimp, Chips, Choof, Cinder, Cindy, Clive, Colin, Cobber, Cobbler, Collie, Cool, Coolio, Cosmo, Copper, Corio, Crispian, Crispy, Crumpet, Curt, Cutey, Cutesy, Curry, Cullpepper, Cully, Cumber, Cupid, Curry, Cuzzy


Daggs, Danny Boy, Daisy, Darby, Darth, Davey, Dali, Debs, Dennie, Dennis, Derryn, Dewey, Dex, Dexter, Dibs, Dido, Dickie, Dill, Dimi, Dinker, Dino, Ditzie, Diver, Dizzy, Dolly, Dolores, Donger, Dorrie, Dougal, Dougie, Duke, Dumbo, Dunker, Dusty

Eddie, Edson, Echo, Effie, Effrem, Embers, Enzo, Ellie, Eli, Emmie, Enoch, Elton, Elvis, Eno, Earnest, Ernie, Eton,


Fargo, Fats, Fang, Fanny, Farley, Fester, Fizzy, Flicker, Flipper, Floozy, Fluffy, Fluffball, Frankie, Freddie, Freckles, Felix, Foo, Fruity, Figster, Fundie, Fuzzy

Gabby, Gary, Garth, Gerry, Geyser, Grungy, Gus, Gummy, Gump, Gomer, Gomaz, Goober, Goofy, Goosey, Gooey, Gyro, Guru

Did you know?

According to one US veterinary insurance company, the two most popular pet's names are "Max"and "Molly"

Habbie, Hally, Harley, Harmon, Harry, Hector, Herbie, Herman, Hermione, Hero, Hildy, Hipster, Hobbs, Holly, Honey, Hopper, Horace, Horatio, Hots, Hugo, Humbert, Hummer, Humper, Hunter, Hymey, Hywell

Ibsen, Iggie, Ino,


Jasper, Jax, Jeeves, Jelly, Jethro, Jiggy, Jigs, jimmy, Jiminy, Jingles, Jinker, Jinx, Jiver, Johnny, Jugs, Jules, Jumper, Juno

Kats, Karma, Kenny, Kev, King, Kington, Kit, Kitty, Kitson, Klutz, Kon, Kong, Kool, Krusty, K-9, K-y

Laddie, Lackey, Lady, Lafette, Lambchop, Lance, Larks, Larue, Lassie, Legs, Lemmy, Lenny, Leo, Leon, Larry, Leroy, Leafy, Lefty, Lily, Lilo, Limey, Lucky, Lulu, Lumpy, Loopy, Lordy, Louie, Lou-Lou,

Maestro, Mable, Magnus, Magoo, Maisie, Maja, Marco, Margie, Markie, Marmalade, Marmaduke, Marnie, Mardi, Marx, Mars, Marvin, Max, Mervin, Miles, Millie, Milo, Minnie, Mintie, Monty, Moonie, Mozart, Miller, Mikey, Molly, Mojo, Moose, Mitzie, Muffa, Mulls

Nan, Nat, Neddy, Nero, Newman, Nobby, Noddy, Nogo, Neddy, Nils, Nim, Nimrod, Nix, Nell, Nevin, Nippy, Numbat, Nutsy,

Oats, Ollie, Oompa, Ophelia, Orson, Ossie, Otis

Panda, Pal, Pansy, Patch, Patsy, Pauley, Penny, Pepi, Pepper, Peta, Petty, Pampas, Pickles, Pimpleton, Piker, Pinkie, Pinto, Pip, Plato, Pluto, Polly, Posy, Poppy, Popoff, Pouncer, Pouncy, Primrose, Prince, Princess, Punky, Putz


Quasi, Quincy, Queenie, Quentin, Quirky, Quisey, Quix

Rabble, Rabelais, Raffles, Ralph, Ranger, Rapper, Rats, Ratso, Rake, Rambler, Rascal, Red, Reggie, Rex, Riley, Rike, Ripper, Rosie, Ruby, Rudie, Rubble, Rubiks, Ruffles, Rufus, Rumball, Rumpole, Rupert, Rusty

Sailor, Sammy, Sassy, Sally, Salty, Sax, Scambles, Scamp, Scarab, Scout, Scooter, Silky, Sissy, Shinto, Shiloh, Shyster, Sister, Snickers, Snoopy, Skip, Skipper, Sylvester, Skittles, Smacka, Snap, Snowy, Soda, Sonar, Sooty, Spats, Spruiker, Spotty, Steamer, Stinker, Stretch, Strider, Sulky, Sultan, Sunny, Suzie,

Tabby, Tallulah, Tammy, Tansy, Tarzan, Taxi, Terry, Terror, Testie, Tex, Thaddeus, Thinker, Thumbellina, Thumper, Tinker, Tinkerbell, Timmy, Timbo, Tin Tin, Tiny, Tippi, Tom, Tommy, Toppa, Tramp, Tricky, Tristan, Trixie, Tully, Tumbles, Twinkle

 Ukey, Unger, Umberto,

Vans, Victor, Valli, Vinny, Victor, Voodoo

Waffles, Wally, Walter, Waster, Webster, Willy, Wills, Windy,Winston, Whacko, Whammy, Whazza, Whippa, Whiskers, Whisky, Whistler, Whizzy, Wiley, Wison, Wobbly, Wobbles, Wookey, Wooster


Xavier, Xylo

Yabby, Yapper, Yummy, Yum-Yum

Zac, Zapper, Zed, Zee, Zero, Ziggy, Zipper, Zonks, Zoro, Zulu


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