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Pets and Animals Template

Updated on February 21, 2017

Readers Love Pets and Animals!

Articles on pets and animals are both beloved and popular online (the internet was invented to more effectively exchange cat photos, was it not?).

In addition to getting many readers through search engines, Hubs on pets and animals tend to gain a lot of attention via social media sites, hence it is important that you create content that is well-suited for both methods of discovery.

We strongly recommend creating a short, polished, customized summary (for the field below the title in the HubTool), as it may accompany your Hub's title in various online listings and can be the deciding factor determining whether a reader clicks through to your Hub or navigates elsewhere.

Cute = Share-Worthy


Don't Be Afraid to Play the Cute Photo Card

Want your Hub to get social media traffic?

Share cute, high-quality photos.

In addition to including a lot of original, helpful, in-depth information, we recommend adding as many adorable (or at least intriguing, well-lit, well-framed, high-definition) images as possible.

Nothing beats original images, so we encourage you to utilize your camera and/or smartphone to take lots of photos of your pets (or other animals you see out and about) for use in your Hubs.

If you do not have relevant photos of your own to use in a particular Hub, we recommend turning to sites like Flickr (with its great collection of Creative Commons-licensed photos) and Wikimedia Commons.

When using photos from external sources, be sure that you have the right to use them (e.g. they are from a royalty-free images site, they have a Public Domain license, or they have a Creative Commons license) and don't forget to properly attribute your sources!


Make it Fun

When people are looking for information on pets and animals, they are typically looking to:

  • Read about a subject near and dear to them
  • Solve a problem related to a beloved pet
  • Learn something new and interesting

Do not be afraid to make your Hub fun, friendly, and interactive. Poll Capsules offer an excellent means of enabling your readers to engage with your work and feel as though they are contributing to the article.

Let Your Readers Share Their Thoughts

Ask them questions using the Poll Capsule, such as "What is your favorite pet?"

See results

Make Your Hub Useful Original, and Interesting

To create a competitive, share-worthy Hub, you must go above and beyond sharing personal stories and conventional wisdom. Real winners share unique, useful, interesting information that cannot be found elsewhere online.

Opportunities for you to share original, useful information crop up all the time. They arise whenever you search for something and find lackluster results. They result from experiences and problems that you have encountered in real life. They may emerge from conversations with zoo keepers and vets who have a lot of expertise on a subject but haven't made much of an effort to share it online.

Do not Forget to Include

  • Concrete facts and figures
  • Specific numbers, dates, names, and times
  • References to trusted studies and resources (with links back to the source)

Summarize Interesting and Helpful Information in a Table Capsule

Raw foods
Macadamia nuts
Caffeinated drinks
Candy and gum
Persimmons, peaches, and plums
You can summarize all types of things, such as foods dogs should not eat.

Use Videos to Supplement Your Advice

Give Text Capsules Search-Friendly Subtitles

While the search friendliness of a Hub's title can make or break its odds of success, a Hub's subtitles may also boost (or reduce) its long-term feasibility.

Make sure that the subtitles of your Text Capsules, in addition to your title, are:

  • Short and descriptive
  • Reinforced with common terms people would use when conducting searches about your Hub's subject

For example, if your Hub is titled "Healthy Dog Food Options", you might include Text Capsules with subtitles like "Healthy Dry Food for Dogs", "Healthy Wet Food for Dogs", "Healthy Dog Treat Recipe" and "Foods Dogs Should Avoid."

Utilize the Photo Capsule's Thumbnail Display Style

Click thumbnail to view full-size
And boost your images' odds of showing up in image search results by giving them short, descriptive captions.
And boost your images' odds of showing up in image search results by giving them short, descriptive captions.
And boost your images' odds of showing up in image search results by giving them short, descriptive captions. | Source

A Good Way to Help Image-Heavy Pages Load Faster

The more images you include in your Hubs, the better. That said, if you include a large number of images in a Hub, you should be mindful of how they might be affecting page load times.

One way to include many, many images in a Hub while keeping load time to a minimum involves utilizing the thumbnail formatting option within the Photo Capsule. This way, you can still provide access to a large number of images (acting as a new invitation to share the Hub on social media) while also offering the highest possible amount of control over how they are consumed (some readers may choose to view images in slideshow view, others may click on image thumbnails, and some may be content to see thumbnail images and focus on the Hub's text instead).


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