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Pets are Important - My Story

Updated on January 20, 2012

My cats

My cats - both adopted cats
My cats - both adopted cats

I grew up with pets both in and out of the house.  I lived on a farm so space was not an issue and we had many different cats that lived outside and we had a few dogs over the years as well.   We also had cows and horses as what is a farm without these animals?   We also had skunks at one point, but they were not pets, they were more pests.

When my family moved into the city from the farm due to my mom’s health issues, I had to beg my dad to let me bring one of the cats with me.  We had a few indoor cats during our time on the farm but he always felt that these animals belonged outside.  I ended up having my way and came home from university one day to find the cat I wanted at our new house.

Once I was a bit older, I moved out and in with my then boyfriend.  He was allergic to cats so I was not able to bring my pet with me.  We lived pet free for a few years but after he was in an accident a year or two after our marriage he decided that he needed a dog and proceeded to go rescue one from the local SPCA.  I did not agree with getting a dog, but eventually decided that I needed one as well and adopted a shih-tzu.  Those dogs are hard to house train!

Eventually I split with my ex but due to circumstances, I let him keep my puppy.  It was a bit of an adjustment for me but freedom as well, as dogs are quite the creatures to have to take care of.  You have to go home after work to let them you, you have to walk them, and find someone to take care of them if you are gone.

What is my point you may be asking?  It is that animals have always been a part of my life and if you do not have any, you should really consider it.

Due to my life situation, I was not able to adopt any animals for a while.  I then adopted a cat but learnt that I seemed to have a mild allergy to her as my eyes watered when I was around her and I had to return her to the place I adopted her.  Thankfully they had a family who had previously fostered her but had now changed their mind and wanted her permanently. 

Later, I still wanted a cat and decided I might try again.  I headed to my local SPCA to check them out and see how I reacted to the cats.  There was a Siamese that caught my attention and so we went and spent some time in the “getting acquainted” room and I was fine.  I ended up bringing her home, and that was almost two years ago.  I have determined it’s the longer hair cats that I have issue with.

A month later I decided to adopt a second cat so that my Siamese would have someone to spend the days with and to play with.  I adopted a kitten who was about three months old and male, as that was what was suggested to go with the Siamese personality.

While it took a while for the two of them to get to know each other and to learn to tolerate each other, they now get along wonderfully.  Every once in a while I will catch them grooming each other but then at other times I have to yell at them as they are busying fighting and growling.  

I could not imagine not having them in my lives even though there are moments when they drive me crazy, especially when the younger one is crawling all over the TV or pulling the drawers out of my dresser.


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