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Petsafe Underground Fencing

Updated on May 4, 2009
Petsafe Containment Kit
Petsafe Containment Kit

 Your flower beds can be protected from your dog with PetSafe underground fencing.  You can section off areas in your yard to keep your pets out of flower beds, and other areas like decks or porches. It is a very effective containment system.

Pets deserve all the best care in the world, and they look to us to provide them safety. The Petsafe system will contain  your pet in the areas that you choose, while allowing your pet to have freedom, and excercise.


When the dog leaves the safety zone, the collar give a warning beep, followed by an electronic correction one second later.  Other electronic containment systems use wire to transmit the radio signal from the transmitter to your dog's electronic collar.  Simply plug the transmitter into a 110 volt outlet and set the range, up to 20 feet, and put the electronic collar on the dog.

We installed the Petsafe underground fencing a few years ago  for our dogs and it was the best thing we did. We can now leave the house and not have to worry about our German Shepherds getting out, and getting hit by a car, or bothering our neighbors by roaming their yards.

It is an easy system to install, and very effective. The collar will give your pet a warning beep before a corrective adjustment is given. We can leave the collars of of our dogs now, and they will get to the area of the warning, and they both will sit down a few feet from where the correction is given. It is amazing to watch the dogs. It is like an invisable fence has been put up in front of them. The battery life depends on the amount of times the warning beep goes off, or adjustments made. Ours usually last six months or better.

The Petsafe system is well worth our peace of mind, and to keep our girls safe. They get plenty of excercise while staying in their own yard.


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