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Petstages Cat Toys: Buying Guide

Updated on August 26, 2009

Petstages cats toys are very popular with cats and cat owners around the world (my cats love them!), and for good reasons, as we'll see in this article. They're also widely available to buy online, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with cute names such as the Batty Butterfly and the Honeysuckle Hug.

Why Buy Petstages Cat Toys?

Petstages toys are made by a US-based company, and the range includes toys for pets such as cats, dogs and birds. The toys are popular for various reasons; they're of great quality and very attractive too- most of the Petstages range is made from beautifully patterned and brightly coloured fabrics that appeal to style-conscious owners as well as to the pets themselves. They don't just look good however – as well as being fun to play with, Petstages cat toys are also designed to assist in your cat's development and to promote psychological health and well-being.

The Full Range of Cat Toys From Petstages

There is a large number of toys to choose from. The cat toys are classified in four groups: Soothing, Chewing, Interacting and Playing. Here are some more details about some of the main toys in each category.

Petstages 'Soothing' Cat Toys

The toys in the 'Soothing' range are designed to help your cat feel relaxed and at ease in his/her environment. They're especially useful when you've moved to a new home, or are leaving your cat in a cattery while you're on holiday, or if there is some other kind of unsettling event going on in your cat's life. Cats dislike change, and it doesn't take a lot for them to feel insecure or unhappy, so anything that helps them to regain a sense of peace is helpful.

The toys in the Soothing range include the beautiful Cat Cuddle Coil, which is a cat-sized tube into which your kitty can crawl and hide (everyone knows that cats like enclosed spaces – this is perfect!), and the bright orange coloured Kitty Cuddle Pal, which is a cat-shaped cushion that's perfect for snuggling with. Your cat might also like sleeping on the Cozy Calming Mat (which can be warmed up in the microwave for extra comfort), or prising a tasty treat from the Kitty Treat Pocket.

Petstages 'Chewing' Toys

Petstages' Chewing range aims to help to keep your cat's teeth healthy, from kittenhood through to old age. Many cats who are fed on a diet of conventional pet foods end up with dental problems because their food doesn't clean their teeth adequately. The toys in this range consist of crunchy dried catnip within a tough nylon fabric, and both the catnip and the fabric help to clean the teeth as your cat chews on the toy while playing – and the catnip makes them irresistible to most cats!

The Chewing range of cat toys from Petstages includes the cute little Catnip Chew Mice, the Fishy Fun fish, the vibrantly coloured Catnip Chew Ring, and the Dental Health Chew. There's also the Chilly Kitty Chew – this is similar to the others, but it can also be frozen, which can provide extra relief for teething kitten with sore gums (and as you know, young cats will chew on anything at this stage – so it makes sense to give them some toys that are designed for the purpose!). This range also includes the ORKAcat Catnip Stuffers, which you can fill with your cat's favourite treats, and they can enjoy getting them out.

Petstages 'Interacting' Cat Toys

The Interacting range is designed, as the name suggests, to help you bond more deeply with your cat via play. As with the other Petstages cat toys, these are very bright and attractively designed. In this collection you'll find the Mouse On Wheels, a catnip-filled mouse that scoots along the floor for your cat to chase, and the Catnip Scooter Bug, a cute little bug toy that is also self-propelled for chasing. There's also a Laser Fun toy in the shape of a cat's head – cats just love to chase these little dots, but as with all laser toys, it's most effective if you end the session by pointing it at a physical toy that your cat can actually touch, so she has the satisfaction of a successful catch. Some Petstages toys come in pairs, such as the Catnip Two Toss, which is perfect for throwing around for your cat to chase, and you can also stay at arm's length from your cat's claws by using the Feathered Fun or the Pounce & Play, both of which feature a wand design with feathers.

Petstages 'Playing' Cat Toys

Finally, the Playing range is perfect for keeping your cat amused, especially if you're not around to play. This is a large collection, and the toys include the Fantasy Fish Bowl and the Shake, Rattle & Roll, a cylinder filled with small balls which rattle enticingly when pushed with a curious paw. There's also the Dangling Fish and the brightly striped spinning Whirly Gig, as well as the Feathered Lure Pair, the Feather Buddy and the paid of Catnip Infused Ring Toys. Your cat can enjoy a good scratch on the pretty Kitty Scratching Ramp, or chase the cute little animal-shaped Catnip Infused Pocket Pals or the fuzzy Powder Puff Pals, or pick up the Catnip Critter Carry Mouse, which has a little handle on top for the purpose. Lastly, if your cat likes toys such as the popular Turboscratcher, you should check out the Cheese Chase, which features a little ball in a track that your kitty can push around with his paw.

Where To Buy Petstages Cat Toys

As you can, there's a huge range of Petstages toys to choose from, and they're available both in good pet stores and online. If you want to access the widest range and cheapest prices, you're better off buying online – there are plenty of sites which sell these great toys, including eBay and Amazon, as well as specialist pet store sites. Wherever you buy, your cat will thank you for it!


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    • David Alderson profile image

      David Alderson 6 years ago from Cat Lovers, Indiana

      From one cat lover to another....Great Hub!! The fishies look cool and Max would love one for his birthday. A lot of good ideas that can be put to practical use just like my Litter Clump Art.