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Pharaoh Hound

Updated on April 12, 2014
barthoraimundo profile image

My name is Bartho. I'm a 53 y.o. A brazilian black. I have a 22 y.o. son and I'm divorced. I have 2 post graduations by UNIFESP. Love dogs.

Think in it!!


“If a dog does not come until after you have looked at your face, you should go home and check your conscience”.

Woodrow Wilson




If there is something really peculiar to the Pharaohs Hounds is that no two are alike. His only goal in life is to enjoy it the most. The Pharaoh Hound has a strong personality, however, extroverted, effusive and kind. It has an aura of grandeur and majesty, keeping a certain distance from strangers. They are very loving and affectionate to their owners, are pleased with little affection, reaching the "smile". Some owners train their Pharaoh Hounds to "smile" on command. They are curious, full of excitement and happiness and show a great sense of humor. Not like the feeling of being "caught".
The Pharaohs have great tolerance for children and believe that God created these little creatures to entertain them. Growing up with other small animals can also be very tolerant, but must be careful as they may consider small animals as prey and will depart for the hunt.
They acquire an innate sense of behavior and mood of their owners know when their owners are upset or humorous.

Usually are not very robust, but are active and love to run and play. They may be entertained for hours and if they can play with their owners will be twice as happy.
With other dogs tend to avoid fights, but if challenged defend their territory. They may be quiet as cats in his personality and habits. They love to be stroked, but only when they want. With strangers, can be distant until properly introduced. They judge each new person, based on his senses and decide whether that person deserves your attention. They are very prejudiced.
Over time, they adapt to any situation or environment. They are sociable, but not to the extreme. We must give them time to make their own decisions.
They have a feeling that can opine on everything that concerns them, should not be forced to do anything they think inappropriate. With patience and sense of humor can be trained to do almost everything. A lesson once learned, will never be forgotten.


The Pharaoh Hound is the oldest domestic dog in history. Two dogs were depicted chasing a gazelle in a circular disc which was thought to be part of any game. The date, around 4000 BC, was certainly before the first Egyptian dynasty. The origin of this dog in prehistoric times has been subject of research of many Egyptologists. They were seen as representatives of the Gods and the ancestors of the ancient Egyptians, hunters and considered reliable, loyal companies in the daily life of kings and nobles of the times of ancient Egypt and is often glimpsed in the illustrations.

In 1935, a tomb of a dog was found in the great cemetery west of the pyramid of Cheops at Giza. It had an inscription that recorded the burial ritual: "The dog was guarding his majesty, his name is Abuwtiyuw" This was a Pharaoh Hound. This was done so that the animal might be honored before the God Anubis.
It is believed that the Phoenicians took these dogs when they arrived in Malta and Gozo (island of the coast of Italy) and the preservation of these dogs, which have not changed their original character in 5000 years can be credited to the inhabitants of the islands. They are now the National Dog of Malta, where they are bred to hunt rabbits, and keepers of houses known as "Kelb-tal-Fenek" (dog rabbit).
The Pharaoh Hound was first imported to England in 1930 and then in 1963, coming from Malta and Gozo. Were first introduced in the USA by Mrs. Harper, in 1967. The Pharaoh Hound Club of America was founded in 1970 and were recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1984 and added to the group of Hounds. This glorious race can be found in many countries. In Brazil, it has been aware of only two copies.


The Pharaoh Hound is not a dog for anyone. It will take care and knowledge, as they face each situation presented a challenge and live imagining new ways to get the better of you.
Usually the Pharaohs bark to alert their owners of intruders. But those dogs that are left alone for a long period of the day, can become problematic. Toys and proper training can keep busy and Pharaoh Hound be the solution so it does not have time to bark.

Need not much concern and require minimum care tooth and nail. Needs only a good weekly brushing and occasional baths. His hair loss is minimal, but well brushed will be imperceptible. A good area is necessary so that they train themselves, but also enjoy a good walk in open areas, it is not advisable to create them in rates. Hiking and jogging with their owner is their favorite pastime.
They have no health problem as a characteristic of the breed. Like all Greyhounds are sensitive to anesthesia.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - The Pharaoh-cut dog is medium noble presence, his lines are pure. It is graceful, however, powerful, very fast in handling easy and lively expression. Intelligent dog, friendly, affectionate, cheerful and quick. Hunter fiery and smart, the dog pharaoh hunting by scent and by sight, and it clearly serves its large ears when he is to tie their game.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS - (standard does not comment).

TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR - (standard does not comment).


SKIN - (standard does not comment).
Hair - short hair, smooth and glossy, ranging from fine hair and hair sawed to slightly hard, without fringes.

COLOR - more or less intense fawn with white markings as follows: the tip of tail is much desired; white on chest (called a "star") - in white digits. Admittedly, a thin white stripe on the face midline. Small white spots outside the regions mentioned are not acceptable.

SIZE - Height at withers: males 22,05 inches (22,05 to 25 inches)
females 20,87 inches (20,87 to 24,02 inches).
- The harmony of the must always be preserved.
- Length: (default not comment).
- Weight: (standard not comment).

HEAD - The muzzle is slightly longer than the skull parallel with the skull / muzzle. Both profile as above, represents a truncated cone.

It like children

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Pharaoh Hound 1Pharaoh Hound 2Pharaoh Hound 3Pharaoh Hound 4Pharaoh Hound 5Pharaoh Hound 6Pharaoh Hound 7Pharaoh Hound 8Pharaoh Hound 9Pharaoh Hound 10Pharaoh Hound 11Pharaoh Hound 12Pharaoh Hound 13
Pharaoh Hound 1
Pharaoh Hound 1
Pharaoh Hound 2
Pharaoh Hound 2
Pharaoh Hound 3
Pharaoh Hound 3
Pharaoh Hound 4
Pharaoh Hound 4
Pharaoh Hound 5
Pharaoh Hound 5
Pharaoh Hound 6
Pharaoh Hound 6
Pharaoh Hound 7
Pharaoh Hound 7
Pharaoh Hound 8
Pharaoh Hound 8
Pharaoh Hound 9
Pharaoh Hound 9
Pharaoh Hound 10
Pharaoh Hound 10
Pharaoh Hound 11
Pharaoh Hound 11
Pharaoh Hound 12
Pharaoh Hound 12
Pharaoh Hound 13
Pharaoh Hound 13

The life of a Pharaoh Hound


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    • barthoraimundo profile imageAUTHOR

      Raimundo Bartho 

      10 years ago from Brazil, São Paulo, Praia Grande

      TheListLady, thanks for your kind words and support. I am grateful and I can say that I love cats too. I love exotic animals and I hope to write more about them here. kissies. Success with your hubs.

    • TheListLady profile image


      10 years ago from New York City

      Wow! What a face - and look at those ears. You know when I was in Senegal, I saw many cats with those long beautiful ears. Pretty spectacular - thanks for a super hub. It makes me realize that when you see all those African carvings about dogs - they were 100% accurate - no exaggeration.

      Rated up and great to meet you too. Yay!


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