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Places That Sell Cheap Alpacas For Sale

Updated on October 15, 2013

Finding cheap Alpacas for sale is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are many ways you can find cheap Alpacas though. You could buy one in Peru where it will be half the amount if you were to buy one in the USA. However, it is different because you need to transport the animal and this may also cost a lot.

These lovely animals are so adorable though and if you have always wanted them as a pet, it’s best to get an alpaca herd instead of just one. They are more happy in groups. Otherwise, if you just want to get alpacas to sell the fiber (hairs of the Alpaca) then be my guest. As an alpaca lover though, I don’t like to see Alpacas getting sheared. Luckily though, shearing is done once a year which is most often in the Spring. Usually you can get anywhere from three pounds to ten pounds of fleece whenever you shear an Alpaca.

How much are alpacas?

Because Alpacas are prized for their lovely coats which render fleece for sweaters, blankets, etc - Alpacas cost a lot of money, especially if you plan on buying a herd. Otherwise, you can start with a female and male for breeding purposes. Alpacas can cost anywhere from $5,000 to even $20,000 each. It depends on the following:

  • Are you interested in showing the Alpaca?

  • Will the Alpaca be used for fleece only?

  • What gender is the animal?

  • Do you know the breeding history of the Alpaca?

You see, there are many things that can determine the cost of an Alpaca so it is important to go through everything when discussing this with a breeder. There are some people who only purchase Alpacas as pets too.

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Where can I buy an Alpaca?

Good question. If you live in Peru, it is very easy to find a Alpaca. While we don’t recommend going to Machu Picchu and trying to bring one down the mountain side, there are a few breeders located in the United States that offer cheap Alpacas for sale. You will also run into some very expensive ones as well, but they are expensive for a good reason.


One website called Alpacanation is a good source for purchasing Alpacas. In fact, there are over 27,000 listings on their website. This is one of the largest websites for buying Alpacas. Basically, they hook you up with sellers online.

Also, you can visit where there you can make an offer for a certain Alpaca. You can find pregnant females, Peruvian Alpacas, and even a “Silver” collection. There are all types of different Alpacas that you can choose from.

Finding an Alpaca herd for sale

Buying an Alpaca herd could cost you anywhere from $30,00 to even $80,000 so this isn’t a cheap investment. However, you will have a better chance when it comes to breeding. Also, your Alpacas will be happier since they are in groups together.

A herd usually will approach a stranger in such an odd way. First, the bravest Alpaca steps forward while the rest follow. They also tend to make whining noises or little “squeeks” that can be faintly heard. This is one reason why I love Alpacas. They are unlike any other animal. Some people can’t tell the difference from an Alpaca and a Llama but you’ll notice they are a bit smaller.

Each Alpaca has their own personality too, just like any other pet. Your pet might be shy, daring, or loves being petted by you. It will depends on how much they were handled when they were younger. Before you try to find cheap Alpacas for sale, think about what the Alpaca has to offer instead of how cost effective it is for you.


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